Media Star Plus
Audio and Video adaptors provides discriminating users with a wider range of adaptors for home sound and video systems.
Precise manufacturing and pure, virgin materials continue the practice of Media Star top performance products with only a small increase in cost
over most ordinary connectors, cables and adaptors. 24K Gold plating on contact surfaces and precise assembly guarantee life long, perfect con-
Adaptors are color coded for easy user identification: black for monaural, red for stereo and yellow indicates video use. Why not use the best, so
that the best that your equipment can do will not be diminished by the connections. Look for Media Star Plus products on display at better elec-
tronics parts suppliers.
No. 71-1205
No. 71-1275
No. 71-1210
No. 71-1215
No. 71-1220
No. 71-1225
No. 71-1230
No. 71-1235
No. 71-1240
No. 71-1245
No. 71-1250
No. 71-1255
No. 71-1260
No. 71-1265
No. 71-1270
1/4” Mono jack - 1/8” Mono plug
1/4” Mono jack - RCA plug
RCA jack Female coupler
1/8” Stereo jack -
1/8” Stereo jack coupler
S-VHS Female - coupler
3.5mm Mono plug -
2.5mm Mono jack
2.5mm Stereo plug -
3.5mm Stereo jack
3.5mm Stereo plug -
2.5mm Stereo jack
1/8” Mono plug - 1/8” Stereo jack
RCA jack - 1/8” Mono plug
1/4” Stereo jack - 1/8” Mono plug
RCA jack - 1/4” Mono plug
RCA plug - 1/8” Mono jack
1/4” Stereo jack - 1/8” Stereo plug 1/4” Stereo plug - 1/8” Stereo jack
3.5mm 4 Conductor Male -
2.5mm 4 Conductor Female
No. 71-1280
2.5mm 4 Conductor Male -
3.5mm 4 Conductor Female
No. 71-1285
MediaStar Plus & MediaStar eXTRA
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LKG Industries Inc. of Rockford Illinois USA
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