Splitter with HDCP Decoding
High-bandwidth Digital
Content Protection
(HDCP) is a technology
developed by Digital
Content Protection, LLC
(A subsidiary of Intel) to
protect digital entertain-
ment content. HDCP has
been implemented across
both DVI & HDMI inter-
face, the HDCP specifica-
tion provides a cost effec-
tive and transparent
method for transmitting
and receiving the highest
quality digital entertain-
ment content to DVI /
HDMI compliant digital
The most common com-
patibility problem among
devices with HDMI con-
nections have to do with
HDCP. Probably the most
common failure is the lack
of HDCP repeater func-
tion or failure to perform
the authentic reliability in
all types of usage scenar-
The Philmore HDMI 2 - way, 4 - way splitter allows
satellite set-top boxes, DVD players, and other HDTV
devices with a HDMI output to be connected to up to
two HDTV displays. It is a flexible distribution hub that
can accommodate multiple displays when more HDMI
splitters are connected to create a larger distribution.
Ideal for conventions, conferences, presentations and
other digital visual - audio applications, No. 44-512 &
No. 44-514 are also perfect for home theater use. The
HDMI 2 - way, 4-way splitter supports 720i, 720p,
1080i and 1080p resolutions.
· Video Amplifier Bandwidth:
1.65 GHz
· Single Link Range:
1080P / 1920 x 1200
· Vertical Frequency Range:
60 Hz
· Audio / Video Input / Output Connectors:
HDMI 19-pin Type A
· Power Consumption:
10 watts (max)
· HDMI Output:
DC5V, 500MA
· Fully HDMI compliant
· Fully HDCP compliant
No. 44-512 -
1 Input - 2 Outputs
Power Supply:
Input - 120V / 60 HZ:
Output - 12VDC 0.8A
4.7” x 2.6” x .79”
.40 lb
Converter Box
No. 44-514 -
1 Input - 4 Outputs
Power Supply:
Input - 120V / 60 HZ:
Output - 12VDC - 1.5A
8” x 4.5” x .79”
1.1 lb
Philmore No. 44-545 converts component video signal and analog audio signal into a complete HDMI digital A/V signal. No. 44-545 converter box
has 3 RCA jacks (red, blue & green) input for component video and 2 RCA jacks (red & white) input for audio, the output has 19 Pin HDMI female
jack. No. 44-545 has ability of buffering, amplifying and creating the highest precision digital conversion technique to ensure digital picture quality.
Philmore HDMI converter box offers an inexpensive solution to turn your analog A/V devices into a digital entertainment center.
· Easy To Use:
Install in seconds, no need for setting
· Conversion:
It could convert component and audio
into complete HDMI
· HDCP Compliant.
· Video Amplifier Bandwidth:
140 mHZ
· Input Video Signal:
0.5-1.0 volts p-p
· Input DDC Signal:
5 volts p-p (TTL)
· Maximum Single Link Range:
1280 x 1024. 1080i
· Maximum HDMI Transmission Distance:
15 meters (49 Ft.)
· Output Video:
HDMI + HDCP 1.0 / 1.1
· Vertical Frequency Range:
· Power Consumption:
10 watts (max.)
· Power Supply:
· Dimensions:
7.9” W x 1.6”H x 7.9”L
· Weight:
2.9 Lb.
No. 44-545 -
Converts component video &
analog audio to HDMI signal
Contents: 1) Main Unit
2) 12V DC Power Adaptor
3) Operating Instructions
Note: HDMI and High - Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI licensing LLC.
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