6 Outlet Heavy Duty
Surge Strip
This 6 outlet strip is constructed with a heavy duty
plastic housing and a 4’or 15’power cord. Separate
lighted On-Off switch and circuit breaker and 3
MOV’s (210 joules), and EMI/RFI filtering.
No. 70-406
4’ Power Cord
No. 43-6415
15’ Power Cord
Surge Cube
210 Joules
EMI / RFI Filtering
ALL lines Protected
Clamping Voltage 330 V
LED Surge Indicator Light
Single Outlet With Full
Surge + Noise Filtering
This compact single outlet surge protector is
compact enough that two can be placed in a
single electrical outlet.
BEST Single Outlet Surge Protection for AC Line, TV, & Computer
This series of AC line protectors provides 3-mode protection against
surges and spikes and these three units have additional circuitry for
the protection of other paths of damaging surges. The small size is
not an indication of the power capacity, these are full power surge
protectors and are single socket devices
ALL AC Lines Protected
210 joules protection
Indicator Lights for Surge and Ground
EMI / RFI Filtering
No. PT07
AC Line Protection Only
No. PT07V
AC Line + Coax Protection for TV / VCR
No. 70-6030
6’ Power Cord
No. 43-6615
15’ Power Cord
Metal 6 Outlet Surge Strip
Durable metal housing construction. Separated
Lighted On-Off switch, circuit breaker, 6 or 15’ power
6 or 15’ Power Cord
Lighted Switch
(2) Thermal Fuses
(3) MOV’s 210 joules
ALL AC Lines Protected
EMI/ RFI Filter
4’ or 15’ Power Cord
Lighted On-Off Switch
Thermal Fuse
(3) MOV’s 210 joules
All AC Lines Protected
No. PTO7
Power Taps with FULL Surge Protection
Full surge protection has ALL AC lines protected with a (3) MOV’s
No. 43-335
3 MOV’s (210 joules)
Surge Indicator Light
Ground Indicator light.
3 Outlet Wall Tap with Full Surge
This unit has all 3 AC lines protected plus EMI / RFI filtering.It
also has ground and surge indicator lights.
Expander III Duplex Wall Tap with Full Surge
The Expander III economical yet complete
protection for all sensitive electronic equip-
ment. The 3 MOV’s protection featured in this
unit will provide worry-free protection. Unit
features LED indicator to show that protection
circuits are functioning. This unit is UL
approved and rated at 15 amps, 125V AC
(1875 watts)
No. 70-8030
A foot long of SJT16/3 cord with 3 prong plug on one end and receptacle
on the other. Use with wall outlets or power strip, Use with AC wall trans-
former & Power supplies to prevent blocking adjacent sockets.
No. 48-123
OFC...,129,130,131,132,133,134,135,136,137,138 140,141,142,143,144,145,146,147,148,149,...352