12V Relay
This relay is equipped with a remov-
able mounting tab and can be used
with Philmore power relay socket. Part
No. 64-1217 12VDC - 30 / 40A, SPDT.
No. 64-1240
Top Mount Battery Terminal
No. 64-2000
Heavy duty relay socket with 17” Leads, is
intended for use with Philmore No. 64-1240
12V relay, SPDT.
No. 64-1217
Relay Socket & Harness
Allows easy hookup of accessories that
require uninterrupted power from the bat-
tery, such as car alarms, cellular phones,
etc. The post extender can be used on
either positive or negative terminal.
No. 64-2005
Post Extender for GM Battery Side Post
This Battery Terminal is made of Solid
Brass and is plated with pure 24 Karat
Gold for Maximum Power and Corrosion
Free Connection. Tighten wing-nut
onto connector for snug fit.
Antenna Adaptors
Antenna Extension Cord
Motorola Type Plug to Motorola Type Jack
No. 64-3008 -
8 Ft.
No. 64-3012 -
12 Ft.
This 7-inch shielded adaptor
cable with snap-lock, con-
verts a Chrysler Vehicle
Antenna, 2002-up, to an
Aftermarket Ra
No. 64-3015
Chrysler Antenna Adaptor
These antenna lead extension cords have a
Male connector on one end and a Female on
the other. It is 100% shielded with braided
Copper and has abrasion resistant insulation.
Standard size Motorola Connectors.
GM to Motorola Adaptor
No. 64-3020
Converts a Standard Size Motorola Plug
to the Mini GM Size. Connects a Motorola
equipped Antenna to a GM Radio
Equipped with a Mini Jack. Six inches. If
necessary, the Right-Angle Plug may be
No. 64-3025
Motorola to GM Adaptor
Converts the Mini-GM Plug on Antenna
Cable in Newer GM Vehicles to
Standard Size Motorola Plug for
Connection to a Radio having a
Standard Motorola Jack. Six inches. If
necessary, the Right-Angle Plug may
be straightened.
Converts an antenna plug found in
1995 or newer Ford vehicles into a
standard size Motorola plug for connec-
tion to a radio having a standard
Motorola jack. Six inches.
No. 64-3035
Ford to Motorola Adaptor
Connects a standard size Motorola
antenna cable plug to a radio
equipped with a jack in 1995 and
newer Ford vehicles. Six inches.
No. 64-3040
Motorola to Ford Adaptor
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