No. S391
No. S393 -
Helping Hand with Magnifier
Reamer & Scraper Tip
Reamer and scraper tips for scraping joints or reaming out
lug holes.
No. S969
- Plastic Handle 7” length
Brush & Forked Tip
Brush on one end, forked tip on the other is for twisting or
holding wires.
No. S973
- Plastic Handle 7” length
Brush & Scraper Tip
Brush on one end for dusting away excess solder chips, and
scraper tip for scraping joints.
No. S974
- Plastic Handle 7” length
Straight Reamer & Forked Tip
Made from stainless steel, solder will not stick to it. Forked
tip on one end, straight reamer on the other.
No. S975
- Plastic Handle 7” length
Angle Reamer & Forked Tip
Heat treated tool steel prevents solder from sticking to tool.
Forked tip for twisting or holding wires, angle reamer on the
No. S976
- Plastic Handle 7” length
This heavy duty solder iron stand
features a die-cast base, and also a
tip cleaning sponge and holder. The
iron holder features bakelite iron tip
insert. A must for every technician
bench. Fits all Philmore Solder Irons.
No. S100
The helping hand will hold
components while you
adjust or solder, and your
hands are free. Dual croco-
dile clips are adjustable so
that parts of various sizes
can be held at nearly any
angle. Indispensible for the
service or lab bench.
FiberGlass PrepPen
The PrepPen
a tool that has
thousands of uses
around the work-
bench and home.
The PrepPen
will ready a spot
on a PC board to
receive solder,
clean rust off your
side cutters,
remove oxidation
from a bulb sock-
et, clean corro-
sion off a battery
c o n n e c t i o n ,
remove grit from a
card edge contact
finger, prepare a
surface for solder
or paint plus thou-
sands of more
uses too numer-
ous to mention.
The PrepPen
contains over 20,000 glass fibers that are thinner than human
hair, but stronger than steel when it comes to cleaning and sanding strength.
Further, the PrepPen’s body is designed for comfortable, secure grip. Each pen
comes with two cartridges, one installed and one in the handles storage com-
partment. The fibers retract into the handle when not in use.
The PrepPen
goes where other tools and sand paper can not reach. Use it like
a pencil eraser, but it reacts like a sand blaster.
No. 12-437
w/ 1 extra cartridge
No. 12-440
Package of 2 PrepPen
refill cartridges
is a registered trademark of Pro Motor Car Products, Inc.
Clean and Sand Where
Others Can’t Reach!
Sand paper, being too
rigid, only hits the high
spots leaving the
recesses untouched.
PrepPen is like a sand
blaster in a pen point
removing rust, wax and
dirt from every corner,
crevice and pocket.
The 20,000 glass fibers
in the PrepPen cartridge
are finer than human
hair yet stronger than
steel when it comes to
cleaning power.
PrepPen’s ample
sized body and finger
grip makes it easy to
hold for a comfort-
able, secure grip.
The cartridge can be
extended as needed by
turning and can be easi-
ly retracted when not in
Two long-lasting glass
fiber cartridges come
with every PrepPen, a
refill is safely stored in
the handle. Additional
refills are available in a
convenient package.
Fyberiod “Fish Paper”
The insulating properties of this “Fish Paper” make it ideal
for many uses. It is commonly used around the shop
where electrical insulation is needed. It is tough, flexible,
and combined with its edge-tearing resistance and high
dielectric strength make it a great product for slot car
insulation. It is also very absorbent of insulating varnish-
Color: Blue Gray
Thickness: .010” + 10%
Material: Vulcanized Cellulose Fiber
Tensile Strength: 15,000 PSI Typical
Insulating Properties: 300V/mil
Tearing Strength: 375 grams
Zn Cl Content = <.05%
UL94 Flame Class: 94HB UL file #E55656
Mil Spec # MIL-1-695A type F
No. 12-5600
10” x 26” rolled
No. 12-5602B
10” x 53” Flat
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