Wall plate Inserts
These adaptors make it possible to insert televi-
sion, audio connectors, and plan for future
expansion in the same wall plate. These adap-
tors snap into the standard keystone opening
and are available in both Ivory and White
No. 72-5015
“F” Insert Ivory
No. 72-5016
“F” Insert White
No. 72-5017
Blank Insert Ivory
No. 72-5018
Blank Insert White
Keystone Wall plates for Datacom
The Wall Plates listed in this section can be used with any jack which fits a standard keystone opening
(.58” X .76”). You have the option to mix Audio, Video, Telephone and Computer devices in the same
plate. There is NO need for a bezel (adaptor) with these wall plates, and they fit a standard single gang
electrical mount.
No. 72-5011
(1) Port Ivory
No. 72-5019
(1) Port White
No. 72-5021
(2) Port Ivory
No. 72-5029
(2) Port White
No. 72-5041
(4) Port Ivory
No. 72-5049
(4) Port White
No. 72-5061
(6) Port Ivory
No. 72-5069
(6) Port White
No. 72-5031
(3) Port Ivory
No. 72-5039
(3) Port White
Designer Style Keystone Inserts
These inserts are intended for use with Designer style covers and may be installed by themselves or ganged in a multi-gang electrical box. They
can be used with Keystone telephone jacks, network jacks, BNC connectors, “F” connectors, and Audio connectors. The mounting hole is the
standard keystone cutout (.58” X .76”). Choose from 1, 2, 3, 4, or 6 ports, color is white.
No. 72-5051
1 Port
No. 72-5052
2 Ports
No. 72-5053
3 Ports
No. 72-5054
4 Ports
No. 72-5056
6 Ports
350 MHz CAT5e Surface Mount Boxes
New CAT5e surface mounted jacks allow for quick and easy installation.
These jacks are backward compatible CAT5, CAT4, and CAT3 equipment.
The jacks have advanced PCB (printed circuit board) and are UL certified to
meet the EIA/TIA 568A & B, and TSB40A specifications. The boxes have
built in station ID strips and are available in single and duplex configura-
tions. 110 type terminal.
No. 72-5511 Single 8c (Ivory)
No. 72-5519 Single 8c (White)
No. 72-5521 Dual 8c (Ivory)
No. 72-5529 Dual 8c (White)
These covers are used with the Designer
Style inserts for custom installations
Note: All Wall Plate
covers are individu-
ally packaged in
plastic bag.Not
available for peg-
board display
No. 75-1000
- 1 Gang Wall Plate
No. 75-2000
- 2 Gang Wall Plate
No. 75-3000
- 3 Gang Wall Plate
CAT5e Designer Style Wall Plate
These units have a CAT5e mod-
ular jack (Philmore No. 72-
5500) installed in the Designer
style insert. This complies fully
with EIA/TIA CAT5e specifica-
tions. They are available in
both single and dual configura-
tions. Both wall plates are UL
listed and white in color. With
these items installation is faster
and easier.
No. CAT5111
(1) Jack
No. CAT5112
(2) Jack
OFC...,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,...352