Mouse Pads
These mouse pads reduce
friction, dust, and improve
tracking of mice which improve
the speed and efficiency of a
mouse. Each is 10-5/8” X 8-
9/16” X 1/4” and is backed
with conductive foam rubber.
No. 70-3220
No. 70-3230
No. 70-3240
RS232 Switches
No. DSS-252
2-Way (A/B) w/
No. DSS-254
4-Way (A/B/C/D)
(3) DB25 (F) Connectors
(5) DB25 (F) Connectors
No. DSS-25X
Cross Switch
No. DSS-094
4-Way (A/B/C/D)
(4) DB25 (F) Connectors
(5) DB9 (F) Connectors
Keyboard & Monitor Switches
These switches allow the user to use multiple keyboards & monitors with a
single CPU.
No. 70-7155
2-Way (A/B)
No. 70-7156
2-Way (A/B)
AT Style D5 (F) + HD15 (F)
PS/2 Style MD6 (F) + HD15 (F)
No. 70-7455
4-Way (A/B/C/D)
AT Style D5(F) +HDI5(F)
Wrist Strap
Protection against Static Discharge
For the discharge of Electrostatic Voltage from the Human Body during
assembly, repair, or service of sensitive components. Never work on a
computerized system without one. The unit has an adjustable strap which
can fit any wrist. An internal resistor is incorporated within the device to
insure that the harmful charges are bled away safely. The retractable
(coiled) cord extends to a maximum of 6’ to permit plenty of freedom to
the user.
Diskette Drive Cleaner
This Wet /Dry cleaner provides the user with proper cleaning
capability to assure the proper maintenance of their 3.5” disk
drives. Cleans the read / write heads thoroughly. Saves on
costly repairs and extends the life of the heads and disks.
No. 70-035
3.5” Cleaning Kit
This is a conductive mat designed to
disperse static charges away from
any equipment placed on it from the
person touching the mat. It is con-
structed of flexible conductive rubber
that may be rolled for carrying or
storage. The mat was designed to
be large enough to fit under a PC or
other ESD sensitive electronic cir-
cuits. The unit is equipped with a
grounding strap (retractable coiled
cord) 6’ long.
Anti-Static Mats
23.5” X 19.5” + 6’ Grounding cable
23.6” X 47.2” + 6’ Grounding cable
No. DSS-36X
Cross switch
No. 70-7004
Mini Din 8 A/B
(4) Cen 36 (F) Connectors
(5) MD8 (F) Connectors
DATA Switches
Data switches are a necessity for computer users when sharing modems, print-
ers, computers or other peripheral devices. The switches are intended to be used
for low current data connections. The connections are wired to all pins and in
most cases straight through. The “X” switch is the exception to the straight
through wiring because it is cross wired. The Philmore Data Switches are con-
structed with high quality components and are fully shielded. They are available in
both Automatic and Manual models in both 2-way and 4-way models.
Modular Telephone Switches
No. 70-7011
2-Way (A/B)
No. 70-7045
2-Way (A/B)
RJ12 (6c)
RJ45 (8c)
No. DSS-RJ12-4
4-Way A/B/C/D
No. DSS-RJ45-4
4-Way A/B/C/D
RJ12 (6c)
RJ45 (8c)
Specialty Switches
No. DSS-362
(3) Cen 36 (F) Connectors
(3) BNC (F) Connectors
No. DSS-364
No. 70-7002
Mini Din 8 A/B
(5) Cen 36 (F) Connectors
(3) MD8 (F) Connectors
Manual KVM
These KVM switches are fully shielded and use a high quality make before
break switch. The connectors are color coded and marked with a symbol for
easy user identification.
No. 70-7220
2-Way (A/B)
No. 70-7240
4-Way (A/B/C/D)
HD15 (F) + 2 MD6 (F)
HD15 (F) + 2 MD6 (F)
OFC...,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16 18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,...352