MediaStar™ Audio/Multimedia Cables from Philmore
Simply a better cable for conventional Audio and for the Audio equipment used with Personal Computers. We are receiving better audio reproduc-
tion from practically all equipment today, ranging from your personal CD player to the Multimedia Speakers connected to your Personal Computer.
Interconnecting these components with cables that are just as capable as your equipment assures that you receive full value and pleasure from
your equipment.
cables employ better materials throughout. Pure copper conductors receive a refined tin plating to prevent chemical degra-
dation which commonly begins to occur to raw copper within months of manufacture. This plating assures true fidelity without losses in the mid and
high audio ranges for years. The inner cable is heavier than most (26ga. vs 28ga.) to reduce electrical resistance; shielding has also been
increased. The outer PVC insulation is advanced (SRPVC) material that will increase life and durability by years. And the light grey color blends
practically unnoticed into your home or office. Cable assemblies are molded for toughness.
cables may be used with complete confidence for your Personal Computer’s multimedia system, your personal stereo or your home
audio system.
MediaStar™ Monaural Cable
3.5mm mono miniplug on each end.
Use between powered and slave multi-
media speakers, input from tape player
or radio to auxiliary jack etc.
Color: Multimedia grey
MediaStar™ Stereo Extension
A stereo 3.5mm plug on one end, to a
stereo 3.5mm jack on the other. May be
used wherever you need a longer cable
between PC multimedia speakers, CD
and sound card inputs, or simply your
Walkman and amplified speakers.
Color: Multimedia grey
MediaStar™ Stereo “Y”
One 3.5mm stereo plug to two 3.5mm
stereo jacks. Used in several brands of
PC multimedia speaker systems to split
right and left outputs. May be used for
two sets of headphones for personal
stereo or CD player etc.
Color: Multimedia Grey
MediaStar™ Stereo “Y” Adaptor
One 3.5mm stereo plug to two
RCA males. Used by some
makes of PC multimedia
speakers to split left from right.
May be used to connect an
amplifier to personal stereo or
CD player etc.
Color; Multimedia Grey
No. 70-001
- 3 ft. Length
No. 70-002
- 6 ft. Length
No. 70-008
- 3 ft. Length
No. 70-009
- 6 ft. Length
No. 70-012
- 12 ft. Length
No. 70-016
- 25 ft. Length
No. 70-010
- 6” Length
No. 70-011
- 6 ft. Length
No. 70-019
- 12 ft. Length
MediaStar™ Stereo Cable
3.5mm stereo miniplug on each end.
Use between subwoofer and powered
stereo pair in PC multimedia. Use
between personal CD player and multi-
media or other powered speakers.
Connect to auxiliary input on multime-
dia speakers system from FM stereo
radio or CD player; many other uses.
Color: Multimedia grey
No. 70-003
- 6” Length
No. 70-004
- 1 ft. Length
No. 70-005
- 3 ft. Length
No. 70-006
- 6 ft. Length
No. 70-007
- 12 ft. Length
No. 70-018
- 25 ft. Length
Goose Neck with Stand
Here is a convenient microphone for the
computer user. Mounted on a small, self
adhesive stand, the microphone can be
pushed out of the way during periods of
non-use, pulled toward you for speaking.
The gooseneck mounting permits adjust-
ment to allow for different height users
as well. The cord has a standard 3.5mm
stereo plug
Frequency Response:
50Hz to 13KHz
58db +- 2db
Operating Range:
1.0 to 10 volts, standard = 3 volts
S/N Radio:
No. 70-020
- Microphone complete with stand and 4.5 ft. cable.
This combination permits hands-free con-
versations over the Internet or an Intranet. A
sensitive microphone with a quality headset
will allow you undistorted communications.
Balanced nicely for weight distribution and
comfort. The unit is supplied complete with
cable and connectors standard for use with
today’s PC’s sound cards.
Volume control.
Freq. Response:
20-18,000Hz 20-16,000KHz
32 ohm 24 ohm
101db +- 2db
Max. Power Input:
100mW 0.4 mA
No. 70-025
- Microphone complete with 5.5 ft. cable.
MediaStar™ Stereo CD Cable
These adaptors are simply very short
cables, 3.5mm stereo plugs on each
end. They are intended for use when
connecting a CD with a PC multimedia
sound card. May also be used where a
long cable is not necessary or incon-
Color: Multimedia grey
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