USB 2.0 Adaptors
These adaptors allow the user to change the style, gender or couple a cable
or cables together to fit their needs. These adaptors are ALL passive devices.
USB 2.0 Video Adaptor
This USB Video adaptor is the ideal video capture device. It has both S-Video
connector and RCA connector and is a bridge between PC and analog cam-
eras, VCR’s and Camcorders. It captures both still and full motion video.
USB 2.0 Cables
These cables are to be used with USB devices. They are four conductor
cables with two different size of connectors. USB “A” connector is a rectan-
gular connector and somewhat larger than the USB “B” connector which is
more square in design. Both are available in male and female versions. The
“A” connector is usually used where the connection is to be more permanent-
ly connected, where as the “B” connector is used where the peripheral may
be plugged and unplugged frequently.
USB “A” / “A” Cables (Male - Male)
No. 70-8113
“A” / “A” 3’
No. 70-8116
“A” / “A” 6’
No. 70-8110 “A” / “A” 10’
No. 70-8115
“A” / “A” 15’
USB “A” / “B” Cables (Male - Male)
No. 70-8123
“A” / “B” 3’
No. 70-8126
“A” / “B” 6’
No. 70-8120 “A” / “B” 10’
No. 70-8135
“A” / “B” 15’
No. 70-8807
No. 70-8001
USB “A” Female to “B” Male
No. 70-8002
USB “A” Male to “B” Female
No. 70-8003
USB “A” Female to “B” Female
No. 70-8004
USB “A” Male to “A” Male
No. 70-8005
USB “A” Female to “A” Female
No. 70-8006
USB “B” Male to “B” Male
No. 70-8007
USB “B” Female to “B” Female
The HUB makes connections of a series of USB devices “Downstream” (away
from the computer or controlling device) much easier. There is one (1) USB
“B” receptacle Upstream (to connect toward the computer or controller) and
four (4) USB “A” receptacles for down stream devices. With the use of this
HUB you can connect more USB peripherals without needing more ports on
the computer. The tiered star topology supports up to 6 tiers and 127 USB
USB Revision 1.1 Compliant
Tiered Topology
Supports up to 127 Devices
LED Activity lights
Power LED Light
Support full speed 12Mbps &
Low-speed 1.5Mbps
With this dual receptacle bracket
you can update your computer to
enable the use of USB peripher-
als. You must have Windows ‘95
Rev. B or later. The device is
equipped with two (2) USB “A”
Female receptacles with leads
which can be plugged onto the
computers motherboard.
No. 70-8405
No. 70-8804
USB 2.0 PCI Controller Card
This is a complete controller Card for USB devices. It is designed to be
plugged into the PCI slot on your motherboard. This allows you to upgrade
your computer and provides you with two (2) USB ports. You can use any USB
device such as keyboards, mice, scanners, and digital cameras.
Universal Serial Bus Interface
Dual USB Port
Intel UHCI (Universal Host Controller Interface)
Normal & Low Power Operating Mode
PCI Interface
Fully Plug & Play Compatible
Both MAC & PC Compatible
No. 70-8402
USB Dual Port Adaptor
Mini USB 2.0 Cables & Adaptors
Mini USB version 2.0 cables for connecting hun-
dreds of cameras, personal music MP3 players
etc. All connector shells are nickel plated.
No. 70-8023
Mini USB 2.0 4-pin Male to USB type B Male, 3 ft. cable
No. 70-8033
Mini USB 2.0 5-pin Male to USB type B Male, 3 ft. cable
No. 70-8043
Mini USB 2.0 4-pin Male to USB type A Male, 3 ft. cable
No. 70-8046
Mini USB 2.0 4-pin Male to USB type A Male, 6 ft. cable
No. 70-8053
Mini USB 2.0 5-pin Male to USB type A Male, 3 ft. cable
No. 70-8056
Mini USB 2.0 5-pin Male to USB type A Male, 6 ft. cable
No. 70-8044
Mini USB 2.0 4-pin Male to Male, 3 ft. cable
No. 70-8055
Mini USB 2.0 5-pin Male to Male, 3 ft. cable
Part No.
No. 70-8136
USB “A” Male - USB “A” Female 6 Ft.
USB Extension Cable
Video Input 1 RCA , 1 S-Video
Snap shot mode: 640 X 480 pixels
30fps @ CIF size (352 X 288 pixels)
Converts analog Video to AVI file
USB 1.0 Compliant
Supports both NTSC & PAL systems
Supports both MAC & PC formats
Economy USB 2.0 Hub
Pocket size USB Four Port Hub
No. 70-8805
No. 70-8008
USB “A” Male to
mini - USB 5 pin Male
No. 70-8009
USB “A” Male to
mini - USB 4 pin Male
No. 70-8013
USB “A” Female to
6 pin mini - Din Male
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