Developed by Intel, USB 3.0 is ten times faster
than the 480 Mbps limit of the current USB 2.0 ver-
sion (maximum speed 4.8 Gbps). Additional lines
added to cable (the cable is noticeably thicker)
allows USB 3.0 to both read and write at the same
time from your portable storage devices. Bi -
Directional data transfer will be useful for synging
up information on PDAs and storage backup.
USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 but
you won’t be able to maximize your bandwidth
unless you are using it with superspeed devices
and ports.
USB 3.0 A - A
(Male - Male)
No. 70-8160
6 Ft.
No. 70-8165
12 Ft.
What the maximum speed of 4.8 Gbps can do?
* Transfer 27 GB HD movie to your future media player
takes 70 seconds (min. 15 minutes on USB 2.0) with
compatible portable storage device.
* More power to charge portable devices (cellphones,
MP3 players, digital cameras), boosted the power
output from approx. 100 mA to 900 mA.
The new Micro USB connectors are designed to allow up
to 10,000 cycles of insertion and removal between recep-
tacle and plug, compare to 500 for the standard USB and
mini USB receptacle. Micro USB is designed so that the
connector on the cable (inexpensive) would bear the most
wear instead of the Micro USB device. Micro USB plugs
have a similiar width as mini USB but about half the thick-
ness, enabling their intergration into thinner portable devices such as PDAs, mobile
phones, digital cameras or battery chargers.
Micro USB connectors are intended to replace the mini plugs in new devices including
smart phones and personal digital assistants. The open mobile terminal platform
(OMTP) group have endorsed Micro USB as the standard connector for data and power
on mobile devices.
USB A Male to
Micro USB B Male
No. 70-8026
3 Ft.
No. 70-8028
6 Ft.
No. 70-8032
12 Ft.
USB A Male to
Micro USB A Male
No. 70-8036
3 Ft.
No. 70-8038
6 Ft.
Here is an idea who’s time has come! The following cables and adaptors will provide all of the connections that you will need to charge, or simply
operate, your cell phone, MP3 player, Bluetooth earpiece, cameras, etc. from the USB port on your computer. Use your desk–top PC, notebook or
netbook computer to power virtually any of your tools or toys that use a USB port for a power connection and/or for charging. Leave all of those
clumsy chargers in a drawer as a Philmore cable with the right adaptor will charge any USB device. Plug the Philmore cable into your computer,
and attach the USB plug that mates with your device. You can even charge two devices at one time with the “Y” cable listed below.
The Philmore USB Power/Charger
Select the length of cable from the listing here that will
best fit your usage. HINT: the smaller cable no. 70-8101
might be the best one for the frequent traveler as it will
stash-away with your netbook and weighs almost noth-
ing. One end of these cables plugs into your PC’s USB
port and the other end has a two-pin connector for any of
the adaptors listed on next page. You will want to pick at
least one adaptor from the adaptor
section. Cables can be used with any PC, desktop, note-
book or netbook etc. (Note: this series of cables will sup-
ply power or charge, and they are not intended for other
USB use, transferring data, etc.)
Part No.
Power only Cable, USB Male A to 2-Pin Socket
12 Inches
Power only Cable, USB Male A to 2-Pin Socket
3 Feet
Power only Cable, USB Male A to 2-Pin Socket
6 Feet
Power only Y- Cable, USB Male A to Two 2-Pin Socket
Sockets for charging / Powering two devices at one time 12 Inches
Philmore USB Charger Power Products
USB Y Cable
USB A Male to (2) 2 Pin Socket
USB A Male to 2 Pin Socket
OFC...,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,...352