USB to USB Link Adaptor
This device provides an economical solution for a small business /
home office two (2) station network. It allows Windows’95 Rev. B
or Windows 98 or laterPC with a USB Port to connect directly to a
similarly equipped PC. Provides same resource sharing like a
10Base-T Ethernet network.
Instruction Manual
Required Software
USB Device Cable
USB to USB SmartNet Cable
This is a USB to USB network bridge. The device provides a quick and easy solution
to construct a network environment, share resources such as files, printers, and
storage devices. It is very useful for SOHO users, mobile users, and network gamers.
Software included
Supports USB network up to 17 PC’s
Share resources such as Printers,
scanners, modems, CD-Roms, etc.
Suitable for SOHO & Mobile Network
USB Ethernet Adaptor
The USB Ethernet adaptor performs USB “HOT” Plug & Play operations to the Ethernet
network. There is no need to open your computer to connect to the network. The unit
requires a CAT5 or higher cable (not included) for Ethernet operation. Maximum cable
length between the adaptor and supporting Ethernet HUB is 300’ and requires an RJ45
plug on each end of a cable wired straight through.
Advanced 16 bit Processor for USB
transaction and control data processing
USB interface version 1.1 compliant
USB BUS I/O base address, along with
interrupt number, assigned by Plug &
Play system.
Upstream Port is USB “B” receptacle
Downstream Port RJ45 Jack
USB Ethernet adaptor
USB “A” / “B” Cable 6’
USB Ethernet driver CD
User’s Manual
No. 70-8800
USB to Parallel Cable
USB Parallel Cable allows PC’s with a USB port to print
to any parallel printer. It provides truly Bi-directional,
USB Plug & Play capability. Just plug the USB “A”
connector into the computers USB Port and the other
end into a IEEE1284 Printer using a CEN36 connector.
It is fully compatible with Windows 95/ Rev. B, Windows 98
or higher.
No. 70-8010
USB “A” / CEN36 (M) 10’
USB Repeater Cable
USB Repeater cable allows the cable length on a
USB device to be extended up to an additional
80 feet. You can connect up to (5) 16 foot cables
serially. This is an active cable with USB “A”
connector on each end that acts as a transparent
buffered HUB.
Compatible with MAC & IBM PC’s
Compatible with Windows 95 Rev 2.1, or higher
No. 70-8150
USB “A” (M) / (F) 16’
USB to PS/2 Active Adaptor
This Active USB Adaptor makes it possible for PS/2
I/O devices such as keyboards and mice to enjoy
USB Plug & Play features. Both the mouse and
keyboard may be plugged in at the same time.
Cable length 2.5’
(1) USB “A” Connector
(2) Downstream PS/2 Connectors
Supports Microsoft InteliMouse
Sleep mode Power Management
No. 70-8803
USB “A” (M) / (2) MD6 (F) 2.5’
USB Serial Converter
This USB serial converter is ideal for
cellular telephones, digital cameras,
modems, and PDA’s providing the
advantages of USB Plug & Play and
faster data transfer.
Host Drivers Included
Advanced 16 bit processor for USB
&Control Data Processing
Compatible with USB 1.1 Specifications
Upstream port USB “B” Female
Downstream port DB25 Male
No. 70-8802
USB “B” (F) / DB25 (M)
No. 70-8806
No. 70-8808
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