The Music Lover’s
USB - Digital to Analog Converter
No. 45-1255
DAC for short
Hear all of the music, the way that it should sound.
Music from a computer is frequently not as good as we’d like to hear; often, something is missing. Very simply put, the music is “there”, in all of its
digital glory. But when most computers convert the digital files to produce the analog sounds that we hear, they “sample” parts of the digital file,
and generate analog audio from only part of the file. Your computer sound card is ‘guessing’ at what the music should sound like.
The Philmore Digital to Audio Converter, “DAC”, is nothing more or less than a very high quality sound card that will give you all of the fine sound
contained in any digital audio file, and it leaves nothing out! (And when you change computers, take the Philmore DAC along.)
NO special connections are required. Plugged into the USB port you can listen to your music files (or a CD or even an optical disk) on head-
phones. The Philmore DAC also has line-level outputs (left and right) that can be connected to your favorite amplifier or amplified speakers. Your
PC using Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 will immediately recognize the Philmore DAC when connected to the USB port. The DAC will also
accept Optical input such as TOSLINK from Blu-ray, a cable box, DVD (etc.). There is a coaxial input connection for use with some cable boxes,
Blu-ray equipment, game consoles and more.
A volume control is provided for controlling sound to headphones. When using the DAC at your USB port, no other power supply is required.
Philmore part no. 45-1255………….Digital Audio Converter.
3 Ft. USB Cable & an AC / DC Adaptor are included.
The Philmore no. 45-1255 DAC
can ‘travel’ from your desktop to
be used with your notebook as
well. And, will stay with you when
you upgrade computers.
Word lengths supported:
Up to 24 bits
Digital inputs:
S/PDIF Optical TOSLINK 44.1~192kHz., S/PDIF
Coaxial on RCA 44.1~192 kHz IEC-60958, S/PDIF
Compatible. Supported Sample rates: 44.1, 48.0, 88.2,
96.0, 176.4, and 192.0 kHz. USB Audio Max 24
bit/96kHz USB 1.1 with sample rate 44.1, 48.0 and
96.0 kHz. Line out RCA type, level 1.35 Vrms,
10K ohms imp.
1/8” stereo phone jack, 16 or 32 ohms.
Power supply:
DC 5V @ 100 mA max. (Included)
Power consumption:
90 mA.
111mm x 105mm x 30 mm
SIMPLE DAC (Digital Audio Converter)
Same specifications and sound quality as No. 45-1255 but without USB Input and Stereo Jack Output / Volume
control. Small compact size (80 x 69 x 28 mm) and lower cost.
No. 45-1260 - Digital Audio Converter.
Audio Inputs:
Optical Toslink & SPDIF Coaxial.
Audio Output:
Stereo (RCA Jacks).
Power Supply:
6V DC (included).
Approx. 58 grams.
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