about new products and more.
Note that these are new items and our general catalog contains thousands of items in addition to these.

New Products just released in 2003 and now shipping:

1. A new series of COMPRESSION CONNECTORS. The series includes RCA, F, BNC in line connectors that can be mounted on RG-58, RG-59 and RG-6 cable with the Philmore compression tool. Solid connections for RF and Audio; connectors may be used out of doors but provide serious security for indoor installations.

2. Additional SWITCHES (from page NP2) including many push-button types and micro snap-action switches. There are several pages, so look at these as well:  NP3 , NP4 , NP5, NP6 and NP7 which are all pages from our new products catalog this year (2003).

3. New sizes in the CIRCUIT BREAKER product group, including 45 and 50 amp units and miniature Push Button Breakers.

4. KVM switches and cables added. These are Keyboard-Monitor-Mouse switches that permit using more than one computer (PC) with a single set of monitor, mouse and keyboard.

5. Computer Accessories including wireless "mouses" working with RF and Infra-red. CPU Cooling Fans and a DSL Filter were also added to the product group.

6. CAT 6 Networking cables in various sizes (blue or light grey) are now available.

7. New tools have been added including an adjustable PROFESSIONAL COMPRESSION CONNECTOR TOOL for item no. ‘one’ (above), a Coaxial CABLE CUTTER/STRIPPER and a new Crimp tool for RG59 and RG6 and RG62.

8. New Wire connectors for AC wiring; the new answer to twist-on wire nuts, these simple devices hold firmly and will not become "unscrewed"; making them ideal in machinery or other vibrating equipment. Fine for the home AC wiring as well.

9. New audio cables and new types of RCA and other audio connectors.

10. FRS Radio accessory earphones and inline microphone.

11. Home Theatre cables, connectors and Toslink cables expanded.

12. An entirely new series of fine quality (but, with price in mind) EARBUDS and HEADPHONES for the music lover has been added to the upscale MediaStar® product group. See Headsets stereo here.. and see the EARBUDS here.

13. New COMPUTER USER HEADSETS were added to the new MediaStar series as well; these are equipped with microphones. Also, see the MediaStar Audio Cables on this page as well.

14. VIDEO Accessories were expanded to include new type of selector switches, an RF Modulator and CATV digital SPLITTERS.

15. In the all New DATAKITS kits division, new types of kits were added including radio receivers for amateur radio bands for SSB and CW reception. Also added were VFO kits for 40 meters and 80 meters. A new PICmicro programmer and experimenter kit was added for the PIC enthusiast or student.

16 New component parts including popular types of CMOS IC’s, and the in-demand white toroids.

17. New sizes of pre-sensitized Premier series PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS have been added to the Datak product group, including the thin 1/32" thickness boards and some two ounce copper PC boards. (Click Here all Premier Series Boards.)

18. The Protoboards series has been expanded to include Fiberglass counterparts for the popular Phenolic Protoboards. These will be popular with designers of RF and fast digital circuits. The fiberglass is standard PC board FR-4 material substrate.

19. Other New products include DC Coaxial Plugs, AC plugs, a dual outlet cigarette lighter adaptor and automotive accessories for use with cell phones and other electronics.

Check the Philmore Index page to see the index to all of our products; well, almost all.