COAXIAL CABLE ASSEMBLIES, for computer, Home theatre, CATV, MATV and general RF uses.

Assemblies employing coaxial cable with various connectors including BNC, F-connector, RCA connector etc. for use with home electronics as well as business computer equipment.

LAN Cable Assemblies for Ethernet-Coaxial Cable Jumpers.
BNC male to male Cables, RG-58 50-ohm cable
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Part no. length
70-5801 1-1/2
70-5800 3
70-5802 6
70-5803 12
70-5804 25
70-5806 50
70-5808 100

RG58A/U (50 ohm) cables assemblies using stranded center conductors for increased flexibility and durability, terminated in BNC MALE connector in a molded assembly on each end. Color black. Although these assemblies are made for Local Area Networks, there is no reason not to use them for other RF. applications, CB or Ham radio etc.



LAN Cable Assemblies for ARC NET-
Coaxial Cable Jumpers.
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Part no. length
70-5850 3
70-5852 6
70-5853 12
70-5854 25
70-5856 50
70-5858 100

BNC male to male cables, RG62/u 93-ohm cable.

  RG62/u (93 ohms) cables assemblies with MALE BNC      connector       (molded assemblies) on each end.





F to F Connector PUSH-ON Cables.
For use with television and related video products. RG-59 cable with push-on F-connector males. Connectors with gold plating are indicated with a letter "G" in the part number.

Part no. Length Color
CAF30 3 ft. White
CBF30 3 ft. Black
CBFG30 3 ft. Black (gold connectors)
CAF60 6 ft. White
CBF60 6 ft. Black
CBFG60 6 ft. Black gold connectors
CAF90 12 ft. White
  F to F PUSH-ON Connector cables with Right Angle connectors. Same molded RG-59 cables assemblies as to your left, but with right-angle connectors for tight spots.
Part no. Length Color
CBF40 3 ft. Black
CBF70 6 ft. Black
CBF60 25 ft. Black gold connectors

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RCA phono to RCA phono
Connector Cables Assemblies
Using RG59/u coaxial cable with RCA male connectors on each end, superior performance over many typical hi-fi cables. May be used in some RF applications as well as with better audio equipment.

Part no. Length Color
CAF33 3 ft. White
CBF33 3 ft. Black
CBFG33 3 ft. Black gold connectors
CAF25 6 ft. White
CBF25 6 ft. Black
CBFG25 6 ft. Black gold connectors
CAF50 12 ft. White
CBF55 25 ft. Black
CBFG55 25 ft. Black gold connectors