If you need to apply power to a PC board,
home-made circuit of some kind (etc.), a
couple of bare wires will be handy. This
adaptor has the Philmore two-pin connector
on one end and may be used with any of the
power supplies listed above. On the other
end of a 6” cord is a pair of bare wires
(clearly marked for correct polarity), pre-
stripped and tinned for connection to your
No. 48-1272 –
6” Long Bare-Wires Adaptor
For quick, temporary attachment to any
circuit, battery connectors in a radio,
alarm or wherever needed, nothing beats
standard alligator clips for quick, easy
connections. This 6” long adaptor has a
Philmore 2-pin connector on one end
that connects with any of the power sup-
plies listed above. On the other end is
(one red, one black) a pair of alligator
No. 48-1273 –
Gator Clip Adaptor
Any time that you want to connect bare
wires to a Philmore power supply, this
adaptor will be handy. One end of this 4”
long adaptor is a two-pin connector for
attachment to any of the power supplies
mentioned above. The adaptor is termi-
nated in a two conductor Terminal Block
that will accommodate any bare wires up
to 14 awg in size. Polarity is marked
clearly and a small screw-driver will make
fast connections.
No. 48-1271 –
4” Terminal Block Adaptor
Philmore offers a number of small power supplies, both regulated and multi-voltage types, that are equipped with a two-pin, in-line connector so
that different “tips” (connectors) may be used. This provides the user with flexible Power Supplies that may find a wide variety of uses around the
home or office. In addition to the usual “standard” connectors that the user is familiar with, Philmore is now making several new adaptors that can
be attached to the two-pin connector and will expand the variety of ways that Philmore’s power supplies can be used. The adaptors shown below
have connectors that will allow them to be attached to the following Philmore power supplies: MW41 series, MW48-1250A, 48- Series, BE226,
BE240 and BE227.
Thousands of uses
Contains all 3 Adaptors
No. 48-1275 –
1 Each of N0. 48-1271, 48-1272 & 48-1273
All three of the power adaptors, listed on this page, each
having the Philmore two-pin plug connects to any of the
power supplies listed above, or any AC or DC power sup-
plies with 2 pin Female connector for interchangeable DC
plugs. This is a “must” package for the DIY guy (you know:
“gadget guy”). Contains Nos. 48-1271, 48-1272 and 48-1273
adaptors. With one of the Philmore variable voltage power
supplies (listed above), there is hardly a small electronic
device that you cannot get powered up and running.
Inexpensive and time saving for installers to terminate cable with DC plug or jack of their choice. Only a small Phillips screw driver
is needed to do the job. Molded connector on one end with 2” cord for flexibility, solderless terminal on the other end. Solderless
terminal has a polarity marking and will accommodate up to 14 AWG wires.
No. 48-1259
2.1 x 5.5mm plug to solderless terminal.
No. 48-1262
2.5 x 5.5mm plug to solderless terminal.
Solderless DC Plugs & Jacks
No. 48-1265
2.1 center pin jack to solderless terminal.
No. 48-1268
2.5 center pin jack to solderless terminal.
Solderless Plugs
Solderless Jacks