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AGC type FUSES (1/4" X 1-1/4")
A standard for many years, used commonly in automobiles and many home electronics devices. All rated at 250 Volts AC under the industry "Grade A" test conditions and values up to seven (7) amps are UL Listed. All numbers in this series are packaged five (5) fuses in a display package.

Part no. Current   Part no. Current
3AG1/4 1/4 amp   3AG5 5 amps
3AG1/2 1/2 amp   3AG7-1/2 7.5 amps
3AG3/4 3/4 amp   3AG10 10 amps
3AG1 1 amp   3AG15 15 amps
3AG1-1/2 1.5 amp   3AG20 20 amps
3AG2 2 amps   3AG25 25 amps
3AG3 3 amps   3AG30 30 amps
3AG4 4 amps      

Replacement fuses for equipment from Europe, size 5.0mm diameter  X 20 mm length. All are rated at 250 volts AC and all numbers shown here are for a five pack of fuses.

Part no. Current   Part no. Current
EF1005 0.5A   EF1050 5A
EF1010 1.0A   EF1060 6A
EF1015 1.5A   EF1080 8A
EF1020 2A   EF1100 10A
EF1030 3A   EF1150 15A
EF1040 4A      

Simple fuse holder accommodates the blade type fuses used in automobiles.
Cut and strip the wire, insert into your circuit. Made of tough bakelite, rated 250VAC/30Amps, color black.

PANEL MOUNT FUSE HOLDER for AGC types no. FH55 (screw cap).
    Fuse holder accommodates one automotive glass type fuse size 1/4" X 1-1/4". Mounts in 19/32" diameter hole in panels up to 1/4" thickness. Overall length is 2", length protruding behind panel is 1-3/8". Rated 15 Amps (at)250 Volts AC maximum. Supplied bulk packaged only.

PANEL MOUNT FUSE HOLDER for AGC FUSE types (screw cap). 

Fuse type Part no.
3 AGC 1/4" X 1-1/4" 526
GMA 5mm x 20mm 525

                                                  HEAVY DUTY 10 AMP In-Line FUSE HOLDERS
Rated at 10 amperes, 250 Volts AC and available in two sizes.
    No. 506 for 3AG type fuses which are 1/4" X 1-1/4"
    No. 507 for GMA type fuses which are 5.0mm X 20mm

                    In-Line Fuse Holder no. FH65
    A spring loaded, twist lock plastic holder that provides a fully insulated enclosure for 1/4" x 1-1/4" AGC type fuses. Ten inch #18 stranded lead wire each end. Available in bulk only. 

FUSE PULLER and Insertion tool no. P100

    A durable tool useful for pulling either 5mm or 1/4" glass fuse types as well as blade style (automotive) fuses with the other end.

Typically used inside equipment, mounted on the PC board or chassis. All four types have nickel or tin  plated spring contacts made of brass. All have a center hole for mounting with an eyelet: those with PC mounting type legs can simply be soldered into the PC board. Insulating platform is Phenolic or fiberglass. 

no. FH501
 rated at 6.3amps accommodates 5.0mm X 20mm size fuses.

no. FH503
 rated at 6.3 amps for 5.0mm X 20mm fuse size

no. FH551
rated at 10 amps, for 3AG type fuse size

no. FH554
3 AG fuse size rated at 10 amps.

Philmore Manufacturing Company, Inc. div. of LKG Industries of Rockford, Illinois USA
Copyright © 2003 all rights reserved