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Ham Radio Microphone and accessories.

Model no. CM43A   500 ohm impedance.
Communications Dynamic Microphone for Transceivers.

for HAM, Public Service or Citizens Band Transceivers

A 4 wire plus shield microphone with a Push to Talk *switch. The CM43A has fine response in the vocal range from 100-10,000Hz and a sensitivity of -70dB. The impedance is 500 ohms. The coil cord will extend to a maximum of six feet; cord and mike are black in color.

The CM34A has a high impact case and has been designed to be rugged enough to deal easily with mobile radio usage. Lead wires are stripped and tinned; ready to solder.
Directivity: Omni-direction
Impedance: 500 ohms
Sensitivity: -72dB @ 1KHz
Freq. Response: 200-5,000 Hz (vocal range)
Switch life: 100,000 cycles minimum
Temperature, Drop and humidity tested for heavy use and automotive use.
Other: has standard mounting button for hang-up.

*switches the audio line as well as makes a push to talk connection to key transmitter and breaks another pair for transceivers with electronic switching.


Part no. H200SS (H200SSB in bulk pack)
Metal Microphone Holder

 A stainless steel holder that will accommodate any standard mobile style microphone for hang-up on the side of a radio, dashboard, ham shack shelf etc.. Supplied with two mounting screws.

Replacement Radio Mounting Screws.

Metric machine screws with large, knurled heads that can replace lost mounting screws that are usually supplied with mobile radios; for attaching the radio to its mounting bracket. The screws are machined brass (won’t rust) and nickle plated; threaded portion is 3/8" long. Supplied two per package. Available in three standard sizes to fit most radios supplied from Asia.

no. K40 size 4MM        no. K50 size 5mm        no. K60 size 6 mm

S.W.R. Bridge and F.S. Meter Model no. FS45

A low cost, imported meter with two ranges: 10W and 100W. Measures power in watts with accuracy of 5% at full scale. Indicates SWR in either range with surprising accuracy for a low cost meter. Impedance 50 ohms, with a UHF (SO-239 type) connector on each side; connects in-line between antenna and transceiver. Freq. range from 1.7MHz to 150MHz. Size:5-3/4" X 2-1/4" high X 1-15/16" deep

Philmore model no. FS45



RG-8X SUPER CABLES! or, jumper cables.

   PL-259 UHF connectors molded onto each end; top quality RG-8X coaxial cable; weather boots style strain relief.

For interconnections between all of your SWR and watt meters, amplifiers etc. Very dependable, low loss cables employing the most flexible RG-8x cable available. 50 ohms.

All cables in the chart are male to male, RG-8X

Part number Length
CA702 1-1/2 feet
CA706 3 feet
CA712 6 feet
CA716 12 feet
CA720 18 feet





SMA to UHF ADAPTOR CABLE (H. T. antenna cable, UHF female on one end, male SMA on the other)

Hand held transceivers might be used in your automobile, or even at the base station. But the little connector on the HT needs some strain relief and this cable provides a safe connection to your antennas that have a cable with a PL-259 on the radio end. The CA740 Philmore cable will adapt your PL-259 to the SMA connector on the HT and provide easy handling with a 16" mini coaxial (50 ohms, of course) cable that is very flexible and will keep the strain off of your HT connector. Philmore part no. CA740

Philmore Manufacturing Company, Inc. div. of LKG Industries of Rockford, Illinois USA
Copyright © 2003-2005 all rights reserved