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Positive Adjustable Power Supply Module Kit
Negative Adjustable Power Supply Module Kit

These two kits can be used separately; or assembled together to create a dual rail power supply. Current up to 1.5 ampere output. Both kits feature; reverse polarity protection, LED power "on"  indicator, IC regulator, variable output voltage, low noise, AC or DC input and up to 37 volts output. Complete details for selecting a transformer (transformer is not included; you must supply input voltage of 3 volts more than desired output) are included. A thorough description of assembly options is included with each kit.

            NO. 80-124- Positive Adjustable Power Supply Module kit
No. 80-125 –
Negative Adjustable Power Supply Module kit

ATMEL®  microcontroller Programmer kit.

The kit is a complete and powerful programmer for the ATMEL 8051 family of microcontrollers. This
series of ATMEL devices uses flash memory to store programs; Which means that they are electronically erased/programmed without need of a U/V eraser. The 89(L)S8252 chips even have EEPROM which can also be programmed with this kit. The programmer supports the following ATMEL devices 89C1051, 89C3051, 89C4051, 89C51 89LV52, 89C55, 89LV55, 89S8252, 89LS8252,,,89S53,8953. Programmer automatically reads a chip’s signature bytes so that you may just plug in any of the series and go!. Device instructions and all ATMEL device fuse and lockbites are also programmable with this Programmer. USE: Connects to the RS232 serial port of any PC. Connect using any terminal emulator program capable of ASCII text file transfer, such as Windows terminal, Windows 95/98 Hyperterminal or DOS Texix, ProComm etc.. A simple DOS terminal program which we use TERM.EXE is a free download. Power: 16VDC use an unregulated 12V 150mA wall adaptor which will put out about 16VDC when no load. (Data sheets for all this series of ATMEL devices may be found at )

             NO. 80-123 ATMEL® microcontroller Programmer kit.

Mini-VOX & Relay Kit (Sound Activated Switch)

For the uninitiated, VOX = Voice Activated Switch. This is a switch (relay) that may be activated with any sound, including the human voice. A very sensitive circuit that may be adjusted to react to very low volume sounds or a yell or hand clap. While a VOX is often used to activate a sound recorder, it may be used to trigger an alarm (the mike easily picks up vibrations in windows, wall or door), activate a video camera, radio transmitter or simply turn on a light. The relay will release after a few seconds of silence, holding as long as sound continues. (hold time may be changed up to 30 seconds) Operates on 12V DC and very low current.

            No. 80-126 Mini-VOX Relay kit.

 4 digit UP/DOWN COUNTER Kit

The kit is a low cost counter, counting from 0000 to 9,999 or down from 9,999 to 0000. The overflow output pulses low when the count wraps to zero; so, two counters could be connected together to make an eight digit counter. The clock input is debounced to prevent problems when using external mechanical switches. Operation on anywhere from 9 to 15 volts DC and 20 to 40 mA (depends upon how many display segments are lighted). The AT90s1200 is preprogrammed; builder is not required to program anything. There are five pairs of pins for external connections: RESET, CLOCK, DOWN, DISABLE, OVERFLOW. A Down connections sets the unit to count down. A Disable prevents counting at all; Resets sets the counter at zero (0000), Overflow outputs a pulse low when the counter reaches 0000. The Clock contact will pulse a ‘count’, and each time a switch connected to Clock is ‘on’ the unit increments a digit. The maximum speed of counting is a bit more than thirty (30) per second. The display is red LED digital 0.6" high.

        No. 80-129 4 digit UP/DOWN COUNTER

Sound Activated Switch for Tape Recorder
(VOX Switch)
(Only the PC board is shown, all parts are included. Click for larger Photo)

 Turn on any tape recorder that has a remote on/off jack (most cassettes). The circuit has a feed back and delay circuit for robust operation. You could add a relay for switching heavy loads; and tape recorders are not the limit. How about turning on lights via voice or a whistle? Circuit switches off after six seconds of silence.

        No. 80-130
Sound Activated Switch kit.

Personal Computer Controlled LCD & Thermostat

The LCD screen is just a bonus; you may program it to say about anything, fed from a personal computer. A more interesting use for this kit is the thermostat function. The board may be programmed and then disconnected from the PC to function as a standalone thermostat. Set a high and low temperature and outputs may be used to switch external devices, such as relays controlling heaters or coolers, open windows, etc. Readout may be in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Software is included and detailed instructions for use. The Kit uses the DS1620 chip from Dallas Semiconductor. The chip measures -55o – 125o C (- 67o – 257o F). You will need a small ‘wall-wart’ style power supply to provide 12V DC @ 50mA or so.

    No. 80-134 LCD & Thermostat Kit

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DATAKITS® from the Datak Manufacturing div. of LKG Industries, Inc.
copyright ©2003 LKG Industries, all rights reserved.