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Introduction to a Power Supply  Kit
(Practical hobbyist power supply)

A practical battery eliminator for circuit projects at the bench. This is a basic power supply using two IC’s (7805) regulators. User needs to supply a transformer up to 20V AC for input (we suggest scrounging from old radio or surplus catalog). Outputs are regulated, one variable up to 28 volts and one constant 5V DC. A good introduction to power supplies.

        No. 80-040 Power Supply Kit

PC Board Mounted Relay Kit                    (Click on any photo for larger view)

The output of many circuits have an alarm signal which must be connected to a remote switching device. Or, sometimes you will have a kit to test which needs a relay connected to it. For this purpose, this kit is perfect. A 12 volt (coil) relay mounts on the PC board which includes a protective diode and terminal blocks. The terminal blocks make for fast, easy screw-connection of wires to the coil and to the contacts. If you prefer a different relay coil voltage, the boards are available separately. Either use Philmore TB132, TB133 terminals or solder to the board. Board accommodates any Philmore relay from 3V to 24V coils (all ten amp contacts).

NO. 80-043 Relay kit with 12 volt, ten amp relay, PC board and hardware.

NO. 12-605 Blank boards, Package of two, photo to your right.

R.F. Amplifier Kit        (Click on any photo for larger view)

A small circuit, using the Mar-6 Amplifier IC, this kit will provide as much as 20 db gain. Connect at receiving antenna input; will boost signals from 1 MHz to 1000mHz; two RF amplifier kits may be cascaded for even greater gain. Instructions tell how to substitute a couple of capacitors for use at low, broadcast-band frequencies. Use with Scanners, Ham receivers, SWL receiver etc. You could add a metal case and RF connectors for permanent use. May be used to boost signal for ‘scope or frequency counter as well.

        No.80-045 R.F. Amp kit

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Uses the ATMEL AT89C2051 microcontroller, which comes already programmed with a clever and complex display pattern. The 30 LED’s follow each other about and finally flash and hold the star pattern for a moment. Or, you can download software (free) to set up your own pattern. Place in a window or on top of a Xmas tree ; the super-bright LED’s produce a very spirited holiday feeling. This is an excellent micro-controller learning Kit with full explanation of how the device works and drives the 30 LED’s. Operate with a wall adaptor at 9 volts and about 150 milliamps (maximum). A very nice kit.

        NO. 80-046 Flashing Star Kit

44 Watt Stereo Power Amplifier (audio amplifier)

The circuit is a gem; a TDA1554 IC is the heart of an amplifier that will output up to 22 watts per channel with excellent sound quality. (Typical THD less than 0.1%!). Originally intended for automobile use, but can be used as a home amplifier if you have a good power supply. Operates on 13 to 14.4 volts (typical automobile voltages with engine on) and can draw as much as five amps at 13.8 V DC.

        No. 80-050


A POWERFUL amplifier with excellent quality output. The amplifier was designed for 12 to 14 volt DC use so that it could be powered from a car or truck battery for use during outdoor functions such as ballgames, picnics, and even during emergencies such as forest fires. Be sure to use adequate speakers; seventy watts is a lot of power. You could parallel two Philmore trumpet speakers no. WP- 20. Although rated at 30 watts each, they should BE adequate unless you plan to turn the volume up all of the way and play hard rock (then, find bigger speakers). Designed for normal, line -level inputs such as CD Players, radios, but if the input will be a single microphone, you could use the 80-104 Stereo preamp and tie the two channels together (or use just one channel) as you will need a preamplifier for small inputs such as a magnetic mike. The preamp also operates on 12 volts. DC. Plan on using at least a 5 amp power supply if you don’t use on an auto battery; six or seven amps is better, or peaks may distort. The circuit has all the modern features, such as thermal shut down protection, output short protection etc.

Part No. 80-052   70-Watt Amplifier Kit……..

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 DATAKITS® from the Datak Manufacturing div. of LKG Industries, Inc.
copyright ©2003 LKG Industries, all rights reserved.