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FM Telephone Transmitter

Miniature transmitter attaches to the phone line and transmits the conversation. Transmits 200 yards and more in most installations. Tunable to clear spot on the FM band of your radio. Completely parasitic; i.e. uses the power from the telephone line and needs no battery. The circuit might be used to share or record conversations, but please do not use illegally.

No. 80-160 FM Telephone Transmitter Kit

"El Cheapo" Programmer Kit

In a new book by Mike Predko "Programming and Customizing PICmicro® Microcontrollers" (McGraw Hill) there is a Project for building this circuit. The book is supplied complete with the plans and the PC Board; this is a kit of the parts (no circuit board). You need both the book and these parts to complete the project; and you’ll have a low cost programmer by one of the industry’s most appreciated authors and designers.

No. 80-161 Programmer Parts Kit

Convertible BarGraph Kit (audio sound level kit)

Typically used to indicate sound levels in playback equipment, may be used in other applications such as a meter in a receiver, level indicator in field strength meter etc. This circuit is set up to show both a left and right channel output in a series of eight LED’s per side. Channels are independent of one another. By "convertible", we mean that you could use this circuit with just one input and all sixteen LED can be used to indicate relative level. Input level is user adjustable; sensitivity can be set all of the way from millivolts to a few volts per step (LED). Very, very linear indication. The kit may be operated on 5 to 18 volts DC.

No. 80-165 Convertible BarGraph Kit

Two Station Intercom kit                  click on photo for larger view

Two Station Intercom (or hard wired Listener for baby room etc). Two station units employ LM386  IC’s in each station. These need to be connected using a pair of wires (about 22 or 20 gauge solid). you could power the remote from the base unit if you run four wires. Each station has its own mike, speaker and amplifier. May be set up to monitor baby’s room etc..

No. 80-210   Two Station Intercom kit.

Audio Amplifier Module                   click on photo for larger view

A good, variable gain amp to use with other projects, amplify radio circuit etc.. Uses the National Semiconductor LM386 Integrated Circuit; a well known and quality IC. Kit includes the data sheets from NS. Battery powered, may be operated from 4 to 12 volts DC. Powers a small speaker for personal listening.

No. 80-170 Audio Amplifier Module kit

Ultrasonic Movement Detector  click on photo for larger view

The circuit uses a matched pair of 40Khz transducer elements to detect movement out to about 22 feet. You may add a relay (not included) to switch a heavy appliance etc.; the unit switches just an LED as supplied. The circuit can be switched to latch "on". An ideal alarm circuit that cannot  be easily fooled.

No. 80-200  Ultrasonic Movement Detector kit.

Logic Probe                    click on photo for larger view

An indispensable piece of equipment for testing and measuring digital equipment. Normally used for fault finding and testing but can also be a great help in design work or to see how digital equipment works. Switch for use in both TTL and CMOS. Detects very fast pulses. Output is 3 LED’s and audio indicator.

No. 80-240  Logic Probe kit

Xenon Tube Flasher (6 volt)

Bright, variable flash rate strobe light can serve as a beacon, signal etc.. A small circuit, easily transported for camping. Uses could include photography, spooky fun house etc.. (Try turning it on with the VOX switch No. 80-130). Flash rate may be varied to between 1 and four flashes per second.

No. 80-162 Xenon Tube Flasher kit

OpAmp Function Generator

A very low cost and simple circuit to generate square, pseudo-sine wave and triangular waveforms in the audio frequency range. Uses a quad OpAmp type LM384. This is an educational kit and recommended to instructors and to the person wanting to understand electronics more thoroughly.

No. 80-230 OpAmp Function Generator kit.

Fiber Optic Audio Link                     click on photo for larger view
(fine Science Fair kit, judges love it)

Uses a matched transmitter/ receiver pair  from Motorola or  Industrial Fiber Optics Co. Allows you to send sound through plastic 1mm fiber optic cable. Two circuit boards with a microphone at one end and a speaker at the other; (14’ fiber optic cable included). The maximum range is about 220 yards. This can be a Science Fair winner. A two board kit, enlarge either board for a better view with a "click."                                                                                            

No. 80-260 Fiber Optic Audio Link kit.

One Watt Audio Amplifier (monaural)

While one watt is plenty for personal use (most small radios that have speakers produce less than1/4 watt) the size is quite small and easy to fit into a case with other projects. Battery operated from 3 to 15 volts, six volts is optimum.  You can amplify your other kits, a radio etc. Output into an eight ohm speaker. The PC board is just 1-13/16" square; tallest component about 5/8" tall.

No. 80-270 One watt amplifier kit.

Sound Activated FM Transmitter             click on photo for larger view

Sound turns on the transmitter, which might be a good way to hear a baby waking up. The transmitter can be monitored with any FM radio, Walkman etc. Simply tune the receiver to a clear spot on the FM band (between 88 and 108 MHz) and then tune in the transmitter.  A neat way to catch a thief in another room or garage. The volume of sound needed to trigger the circuit is adjustable; can be set to very sensitive pickup.. The two stage transmitter has good range and the circuit powers down unless it "hears" sounds; reactivates with a sound.

No. 80-280 Sound Activated Transmitter kit

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DATAKITS® from the Datak Manufacturing div. of LKG Industries, Inc.
copyright ©2003 LKG Industries, all rights reserved.