December 06, 2001 Press Release

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Pfanstiehl Corporation Acquired by L.K.G. Industries, Inc.

Waukegan, IL
    Pfanstiehl Corp.
a leader in the replacement needle & phonograph cartridge, audio, video, telephone and auto sound accessory business since 1919 has been purchased by L.K.G. Industries, Inc. of Rockford, Illinois. L.K.G. Industries is relocating the Pfanstiehl facility to its Rockford, IL plant.
    Pfanstiehl has been supplying 110V and 12V accessories to the retail markets and distributors for over 82 years. They are know by such brand names as "Crankin’ Power", "Crankin’ Cable", Pfantone and "Custom Home Installation".
    According to Wayne Timpe, President of L.K.G. Industries, Inc., the day-to-day operations should continue as usual. The other divisions of L.K.G. Industries, Inc. are Philmore Manufacturing, CarterCraft and Datak. Mr. Timpe stated "the other divisions are all companies with a long tradition of service and reliability and now, with the addition of Pfanstiehl, this tradition continues."
    Philmore was established in 1921, CarterCraft in 1970 and Datak in 1966. Mr. Timpe said "we are extremely excited to be entering the Auto Sound Accessory market with a strong product line like "Crankin’ Power"."

    L.K.G. Industries. Inc. will be exhibiting Pfanstiehl and CarterCraft at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at booth #3045 January 8-11 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Please stop by and get acquainted.