LKG Appoints New President–January 07, 2006

LKG Industries announced on January 07, 2006 the appointment of Mr. Kittikarn "Karn" Mejudhon to the position of President of LKG Industries Inc. Mr. Mejudhon has been in the electronics industry for over thirty years, and in management positions with LKG for more than fifteen years. Most recently, Mr. Mejudhon has been the company’s national distributor sales manager.

Mr. Mejudhon has been involved in marketing and product management as well as national sales during the past decade. He assumed broader responsibility for LKG marketing and product management  in addition to his sales responsibilities during the illness and after the death of Wayne Timpe, the company’s founder. Mr. Timpe died in January 2004 after a battle with cancer and of complications caused by cancer and cancer treatments.

Mr. Mejudhon is a native of Bangkok, Thailand and came to the United States at the age of twenty-one. He is well known and respected throughout the industry.

The announcement of Mr. Mejudhon’s appointment was made by Judith Timpe, the company’s owner, and Kathy Granath, acting president who will assume the position of office manager and finance management responsibilities as well.

Philmore Manufacturing Company, Inc. div. of LKG Industries of Rockford, Illinois USA
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