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The New WAISTBAND Amplifier
Model no. PA500

Intended for use by tour-guides, docents, teachers and lecturers, the waist band amplifier provides a full five watts RMS audio output. Powered by a nine volt transistor battery, the unit has a volume control and is supplied complete with a universal headset.

You can find the model no. PA500 for sale at a hundred dollars, but your PHILMORE distributor has it for less than fifty dollars!

Operates on 9V transistor battery. System includes an adjustable volume control, LED pilot light, on/off switch.
Frequency response; 150Hz~10Khz unidirectional microphone eliminates normal outside noise. Battery life depends upon use. 5 Watt output is loud enough for most lecture halls, class rooms and museum areas; outdoor use for small groups. Suggested discounted retail: $49.95



PLAY YOUR MP3 PLAYER THROUGH a Boom box, Home Stereo, or automobile FM RADIO!

MP3 is not just for earbuds anymore!
The FM-broadcaster sends your MP3 music
through the air and may be received in high quality sound
on any FM Stereo receiver.

FEATURES There are four user-selectable frequencies to choose from; find an unused channel on your FM receiver. Simple connection: plugs into your player using a 3.5mm stereo plug (just like the one on headphones) Requires two AA batteries

No. MW700 Simply plug the MW700 into the earphone jack on your IPOD or any MP3 player, CD player (etc.) and broadcast pure, beautiful music to your Home stereo! Or, take your MP3 music collection with you and play through your Car stereo FM receiver or poolside boom box. It works like a miniature FM broadcasting station. Listen ON your: HOME STEREO SYSTEM CAR FM RADIO BOOM BOX POOL-SIDE FM RECEIVER

The MW700 is available at Philmore distributors and resellers for about $18.50. There is no unit on the market that will transmit purer sound at any price. Note that the range of the MW700 is short to prevent interference with neighbors’ radios. Generally, the unit transmits about three to four feet and must be close to the receiver for best performance.