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AC/DC Adaptors, battery eliminators and Power Supplies

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 AC to AC ADAPTOR (output is NOT DC) Model no. BE260
Often used by experimenters as the transformer in a power supply; add your own full wave bridge, filter capacitors and regulator. Also used extensively by Telephone Answering Machines, the output is 13.8 Volts AC at 800mA. Terminated in a 2.1 I.D  X 5.5mm O.D. coaxial power plug. Plugs into wall outlet 110-120 Volts AC. May also be used to power DC products by adding a rectifier/filter and regulator.

 18 volts AC to AC ADAPTOR , Part no. 48-414
      An adaptor that provides 18 volts at its 300 milliamp rating. Use with cable box or use as the AC source in a home brew power supply. With just a couple of capacitors, diodes and a regulator, you can make a supply for just about any DC voltage needed.  The unit includes and integral six foot long cord which is terminated in a 3.5mm miniature phone plug. A UL listed device.

Multiple Voltage DC Power Supplies (Battery Eliminators, DC Adaptors) Blade type "wall-wart" shape, plugs into 110-120 V AC Wall outlet.
    It is easier to carry just one adaptor for your radios, calculator and other battery operated appliances. Each of these three power supplies can be switched to select from a range of commonly used voltages. All have these voltages: 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9, 12 volts DC and the model BE226 has all and also 1.5 volts DC: just set a slide switch to select the voltage.    
        These adaptors all have DC Power connectors plug adaptors that will mate with most radios and calculators, games etc.. All have a polarity reversing feature so that you may set the center to either positive or negative. The 300 mA unit is usually enough for radios and calculators. Lager radios may need one of the bigger units, so check the current specs for your equipment and buy a supply rated slightly larger (higher current value).

Part number Current rating
BE226 300 mA
BE227 500 mA
BE240 800 mA

Designed for serious travelers; use either of two input voltages, 110/220 volts AC. Include is European round pin adaptor. User can select output voltage from these: 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 and 12 V DC. Adaptor set will adapt the output connector to fit radios, recorders, handheld games, calculators, adding machines and so on.  Use in North America, South American, Europe and much of Asia.
Part no. 48-140


NOTE: Philmore also supplies DC power supplies that plug into your automobiles cigarette lighter socket.


 (Connection problems, special polarity or plug? See the AC/DC Power supply Accessories Page)