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AC to DC Power Supplies. These products plug into the 110-117 Volt AC outlet to provide DC voltages for battery powered products. All AC to DC adaptors, converters, battery eliminators, etc. are Power Supplies. A regulated power supply will hold very close to its rated voltage regardless of the amount of current your appliance (radio, CD Player, amplifier etc.) is drawing. The typical "wall wart", or blade style is usually not regulated. A non-regulated supply will have large voltage changes depending upon how much current is being drawn. Generally, a non-regulated supply rated at 12 volts will supply 16 to 18 volts with no load connected to it and it will supply very close to its rated 12 volts from about 85% of its rated current or more. So, be sure that you know how much current you need as well as the voltage and select a power supply close to those values. OR, simply select a regulated supply at the voltage you want.  

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12 Volt DC REGULATED POWER SUPPLY, three amps continuous output, 5 amp surge.  Model no. MW123
Holds the voltage close to automotive voltage range, 12-14 V DC, for use powering devices that were designed for use in automobiles such as radios, spot lights, CB transceivers etc. The MW123 has an LED pilot light, over-load protection (shut down) and good filtering for use with audio equipment. Size: 6 X 4.5  X 3.5". Operates on 110 -120 Volts AC; binding posts for connection to output.

Model no. MW122A
selectable voltage out at 3, 4.5, 6, 7.5, 9 or 12 volts. Low ripple for use with audio equipment. Binding posts for connection to DC output, operates on 110 to 120 volts AC. With pilot light. Size: 3.75 X 5.25 X 2.6"

MODEL no. MW2122A same as above with six selectable voltages but operates on European power of 220/240VAC and has The Euro style AC plug.

12 VOLT DC POWER SUPPLY with Cigarette Lighter Socket Model no. 48-130 rated at 3.5 amps continuous and 4.5 amps surge, the unit outputs in the 12-14 volt range for automotive devices such as radios, CB and Ham equipment, video cameras or spot lights (etc.). Plug into any 110-120 volt AC socket.  The cigarette lighter socket provides the only output connection.

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(Connection problems, special polarity or plug? See the AC/DC Power supply Accessories Page)

6-FOOT POWER CABLE with Coaxial Plugs Assortment (6 sizes)
Catalog no. 48-400 The cord has spade lugs for connection to power supplies such as the MW122 (above) and others. At the other end of the cord is a jack that will accept any one of the (included) coaxial plugs, which will fit the power jack on about 87% of today’s battery powered equipment equipped with a DC power jack. Polarity may be either center or barrel positive, user chooses.

Universal VIDEO GAME POWER SUPPLY Model no. BE2000
Will provide power for such games as Nintendo, SEGA Genesis, NEC Turbografx-16 and Express, SEGA Game Gear and Atari Lynx among others. The maximum current rating is 800mA and voltages may be selected to match the DC input or your game. Outputs at 6, 7, 9, 10 and 10.5 volts DC. (see Philmore catalog for more detail.)


This unit is an exact replacement for the Nintendo unit, providing 6 volts at 200mA. The unit fits into and mounts on standard 110/117 volt AC wall outlet and is terminating in a plug matching the Gameboy.
Nintendo and Gameboy are trade names and trademarks of Nintendo of America.

AC to DC POWER SUPPLIES (wall adaptors, battery eliminators)
    This series of power supplies are the familiar wall mounting "wallwart" style that suspends from the AC receptacle in home or office; input 110-120 volts AC. See the chart for voltages/currents that are available.

Part no. DC Voltage Maximum
MW310 3 100mA
MW450 4.5 500mA
MW630 6 300mA
MW930 9 300mA
MW950 9 500mA
MW1230 12 300mA
MW1250 12 500mA
MW1280 12 800mA
MW1830 18 300mA


    Terminated in a standard 3.5mm phone plug (tip positive), user may cut the plug off and supply his own connector. For use with calculators, small radios etc. Note that the voltage will be close to that shown when the "load" is drawing roughly the maximum current shown. When lower currents are needed, the voltage will "float" higher.



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 (Connection problems, special polarity or plug? See the AC/DC Power supply Accessories Page)

Philmore Manufacturing Company, Inc. div. of LKG Industries of Rockford, Illinois USA
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