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The LKG Industries Datak division DATAKITS
® are fine quality kits and a Printed Circuit board is always included. There are well over 120 kits total in the line.  Only prime parts from known, quality manufacturers are included in the kits. We suggest that the kits are (mostly) for builders that have some knowledge of electronic parts and how the industry marks them and also knowledge of proper PC board soldering and assembly techniques. It is suggested that beginners get help from an experienced person when assembling their first kit.
Always a good circuit and a good value! DATAKITS
® from the Datak Division of LKG Industries Inc.

Three Digit Counter Module
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An event counter; this economical counter module may be ganged for six or nine digits. Has count and reset switches with debounce built-in. Operates on a nine volt battery. This is a two board kit with the count and reset switches along with the debounce circuitry on one board, the LED digits and circuit on another.

No. 80-010

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Pressing the switch while a dual LED is green advances you to to the next stage; but mess-up and press while red, and you go back to the beginning. It can be tricky and a challenge. Fun and teaches some practical basic electronics. Operates on 9V battery.

            No. 80-005

RIAA Equalized Preamplifier Stereo Kit                        (click on photo for larger view)

The grooves in phonograph records could not handle the deep bass and high treble in live music. The industry developed a standard recording curve and the missing sounds were compensated for by circuitry in playback preamplifiers. The R.I.A.A. (recording industry Association of America) set the standard for the "RIAA curve". Today amplifiers are designed for flat response and they make the old phonograph recordings sound very flat. Using an RIAA preamplifier compensates for today’s flat amplifiers exactly as the old phonographs were able to do. This kit duplicates the RIAA curve accurately; at a kit price. Operation on 9 to 12 V. DC.

            No. 80-007

(click on photo for larger view)

A transmitter sends an I/R beam up to 75 feet to a receiver (on separate pc boards); break the beam and a relay is tripped. Use the relay to control a bell or light or other device ; even a video recorder and camera. Operation requires 9 to 12 VDC, a wall adaptor is fine and you may want two units (provision is made to power both boards with one supply via a two conductor wire). Use to watch a hallway or drive way, across the doors to a three or four car garage etc. and we know of a photographer taking wildlife photos this way. The uses for alarms, photography, door minding and so on are numerous. You could make weatherproof hoods to use out-of-doors but be sure to protect from moisture.

        NO. 80-013

Music Box Engine, light activated
Note that we did not have a finished kit photo so we inserted a photo of just the PC board; the kit will include all parts, of course. Click for larger view.

This circuit will play a tune when light strikes a light dependent resistor, such as when a music box lid is opened. You  can select any one of about a dozen romantic melodies; play just one or let the unit cycle through all of the tunes. Operates on 3V DC, two AA cell holder included. You could really wow a girl friend or simply please your mom.

        No. 80-014

LCD Temperature Meter (Celsius Only)
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Designed around a single IC, the Harris No. 7106, is this temperature meter with excellent accuracy. All parts needed, even a case, are included except a nine volt transistor battery. Instructions also explain how to use this kit to make a volt or amp meter in various ranges. The circuit board has room for additional components if you use it to make a digital panel meter.

            No. 80-020

LED Dice with Slow-Down

This is an excellent kit for use as an introduction to electronics and circuit analysis. Seven LED’s arranged like a real die face. Push the switch and the die rolls and then slows down and then stops. Uses an ingenious circuit design to minimize parts count. Uses a 555 and 14017 integrated circuits. Includes plastic case; battery operation.

No. 80-030

PLL Experimenter Kit from kHz to 185mHz (Phase Locked Loop)

An exciting circuit, the PLL Experimenter kit may be used for making a stable AM or FM transmitter, a Signal Generator (from low kHz to about 185mHz), a QRP Ham transmitter, circuit diagrams for all of these are included. What you get is a very high quality PLL circuit module, with touch-tone style keyboard (to set frequency) and you will have to add the components for the circuits mentioned above. Crystals can be expensive; here is the answer. Not a beginners kit; intended for the serious experimenter, Hams or very advanced beginner. Operation from 8 to 12V DC; a nine volt battery is ideal. Fine tuning in 10 kHz steps. Extra room on board for added components. This circuit is really worth having!

         No. 80-035


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