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Always a good circuit and a good value! DATAKITS
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Light Alarm

A sensitive photo Darlington transistor is used with CMOS NAND gate. The circuit detects light and triggers a siren. You could add your own triac or relay and switch practically anything. The kit uses the MEL12 Darlington super-alpha phototransistors, typically about ten times more sensitive than a normal phototransistor. The circuit usage includes burglar alarms, medicine cabinet alarm, automobile trunk alarm etc..

No. 80-080 Light Alarm Kit

DC Electric Motor Kit                                (Click on any photo for larger view)

An introduction to the workings of an electric motor.  A few pieces of metal, some wire and then add your own 1.5 volt AA battery and the whole concept of what makes an electric motor run will be yours. A number of experiments are included in the instructions, which the teacher could use to get young minds really wrapped up in this project. Snaps together, no soldering required. (Kit shown in knocked-down form.) This one teaches some early concepts of electricity, magnetism and mechanics.

No. 80-077 DC Electric Motor Kit

UHF Remote (radio) Controlled Relays Kit
(PC board only shown  to left; kit contains all component parts.)

Two separate relays can be switched via encoded signals transmitted from a keychain size, two-button transmitter (like those used for car alarms and electric car doors). Push a button and relay toggles "closed" and one more push toggles it "open". Transmit distance is about 120 feet maximum. The receiver requires from 12 to 15 volts DC. The transmitter is supplied assembled and tested complete with its own battery. Tricky (receiver) parts of the circuit are supplied already-assembled and tested; just plug them in and solder in place. Each relay can handle up to 10 amps (at) 120V AC; plenty for numerous applications; control lights, door locks, magic shows etc.

No. 80-082 UHF Remote Controlled Relays Kits
only the board is shown but kit does contain all component parts.

INTERNET BROADCASTER Quality FM stereo transmitter

We designed a kit specifically for use with your personal computer, to re-broadcast in the FM band (stereo) the programs that you might listen to on the internet.. This so that you could listen to programs or your music files from anywhere in the house or out in the yard. Simply plug this kit  into the jack on the sound card of your PC and tune in any FM radio. Sound quality is VERY GOOD, close to tops,  at a cost much less than line no. 80-055 kit (which outperforms them all). You can listen to CD’s too, of course, and now you don’t have to miss your favorite shows if you have your Walkman in your pocket and will be around your house or office. Plenty of power for most homes and around the yard. USE with 9 to 12 volt battery pack or an AC adaptor.

The transmitter is not limited to use with a computer, of course. We know of a user that has it connected to a two way (Ham) radio so that he can listen in to his station from around the yard using a Walkman. Add a couple of microphones with preamps, and you have a local area FM Broadcast station.

N0. 80-085 "Internet Broadcaster" FM Stereo Transmitter kit.

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10 Watt x 10 Watt Stereo Amplifier Kit

Employs the TDA2009 class AB audio power amplifier IC for quality stereo applications. May be operated on a supply voltage of 8 to 22 volts DC. This is a very straight forward stereo amplifier; complete with a PC board about (1-3/4" x 3"). Powerful enough to power your stereo for a mid-sized room and more than enough for use in a automobile.

No. 80-088 Stereo amp kit


Oscillator Building Blocks Kit

Build and experiment with astable, monostable and RS flip-flop multivibrators on one PC board with six LED’s. See and understand exactly how each works. This is a very educational kit and an excellent introduction to electronics. Operates on 9V battery.

No. 80-090 Oscillator building blocks kit.


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Touch or Contact Switch Kit

Both a touch and a contact switch are built onto one PC board so that the builder can see how each works. A battery can power the contact switch but you’ll need an AC power supply for the touch switch to work well (use No. 80-040) for reasons explained with the kit. (The circuit is triggered by AC "hum" , so use a wall wart power supply for best result.) The circuit switches a relay with a 3 amp, 110 volt rating. Use to switch lamps, other appliances.

No. 80-100 Touch (Contact) Switch Kit.


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DATAKITS® from the Datak Manufacturing div. of LKG Industries, Inc.
copyright ©2003 LKG Industries, all rights reserved.