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UL Listed Modular Plugs used universally for home telephone systems throughout the US. Contacts are plated with 50 micro inches of gold and meet UL94V-0 specifications. For use with stranded wire flat telephone wire. Available in bulk only.

No. TEC145B   4-conductor plugs 6P4C
No. TEC165B   6-conductor plugs 6P6C
No. TEC185B   8-conductor plugs 8P8C


CAT5 RJ-45 Plug for Round Cable

CAT5 Plugs for round shaped wire; gold plated contacts

No. CAT5305   for 4-pair stranded conductors cable, pack of 5
No. CAT5310   for 4-pair solid conductors cable, pack of 5



Shielded RJ-45 Plug for CAT5

8 conductor plugs, shielded for CAT5 or lower applications.

No. CAT5300   RJ45 plug for  4 pair stranded cable, pkg. of two
No. CAT5355   RJ45 plug with strain reliec, 2 sets per pkg.



for telephone and/or data.

These are the standard plugs (connectors) used on all American telephone products. Gold plated contacts for perfect, long-life connections. For use with flat, stranded telephone wire (see wire below).

Note: Add a "B" to the end of the number for bulk packages
 if you need 100 per type or more. Example, if you want TEC1 in bulk, order No. TEC1B etc.

TEC1   4 Conductor plugs 6P4C-package of 10
TEC1-50   above 4-conductor plug, in a fifty pack
TEC2   4 Conductor handset plugs-package of 10
TEC3   6 Conductor plugs 6P6C-package of 10
TEC3-50   above 6 conductor plug, in fifty pack
TEC4   8 Conductor plugs 8P8C-package of 10
TEC4-50   above 8-conductor plug in fifty pack
TEC5   4 Conductor plug for round cable , package of 10
TEC6   6 Conductor plug for round cable, package of 10
TEC7   10 Conductor plugs, package of 10
TEC8   8 Conductor Keyed plug, package of ten
TEC9   8 Conductor plug for round cable, package of 10
TEC11 DEC type 6p4c plug, package of 10
TEC12 DEC type 6p6c plug, package of 10

   remember-add a "B" to part no. for bulk packaging (for quantity)



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