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PLEASE NOTE: Philmore has an extensive line of products and not all categories are shown on the web site. Your local distributor has the current Philmore catalog on hand if you need to view a category that we have not yet placed on this web site.


110 Style jacks, punch down tool

 AC/AC Converter (top of page)
 AC/DC CONVERTERS and power connectors, cords.
AC/DC ADAPTORS (power supplies)
AC Extension Cords
AC Power Cords
AC Power Invertors ((Inverters)
AC Power Cord sets
AC Equipment side Female plugs

  AC POWER TAPS (outlet strips & surge protectors)
  AEROSOLS, cleaners etc.
ALARMS first page
More Alarms as  kits  
and Alarms second page.
ALLIGATOR CLIPS page 1 of 2 (pg.183)
ALLIGATOR CLIPS page 2 of 2 (pg. 184)
ALLIGATOR CLIP Jumper Leads (pg. 180)

Amateur Radio Kits
AMPLIFIER (for antenna)
AMPLIFIER (HDMI repeater, coupler)
AMPLIFIER (public address, also see megaphone)
ANTENNAS (indoor) TV and FM

ANTENNA HARDWARE masts, mounts, standoffs, wire holders
ANTI-STATIC wrist strap, anti-static mat, anti-static work surface.
ANTI-STATIC table top mat (large)
APPLIANCE CORDS (power cords)
AUDIO CABLES , MediaStar type
AUDIO CONNECTORS (audio adaptors)
AUDIO ADAPTORS , gold home theatre adaptors.

AUDIO ACCESSORIES, GENERAL cleaning accessories.
AUTOMOTIVE POWER ACCESSORIES (lighter plug, power adaptors)
  BANANA PLUGS, BANANA JACKS (and test leads)
BATTERY HOLDERS (battery snap, battery connectors)
Binding Posts
BNC Connectors
BNC RF Adaptors
Break-out Box
Buzzers, miniature sounders, Piezo sounders
Cables, Audio cables and adaptors
Cables, Audio deluxe cables
Cables, Audio/Video (component video etc.)
Cables, Coaxial RF cables
Cables, RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Cables, RF Coaxial Cable Assemblies
Cables, Category 5 and 6 for data, telephone
Cable Cutting TOOL

Cables, RoadWarrior Computer and IPOD Cables
Cables, Video, VHS, S-connectors cables
Cables, Video
Cables, Telephone, and handset cords
Cables, Home Theatre Cables
Cables, for Microphone
Cables, ribbon cables (computer)
Cables, RCA plugs
Cable Clamps, Cable ties
Category 5 and 6 wall plates, connectors, accessories
Category 5e Surface mount jacks.

Capacitors, variable and trimmer.
Capacitors, disks, electrolytics.
CB (citizens band) Accessories.
 Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors
Chassis Boxes, chassis punch set
Chemicals, contact cleaners, lubricants, refrigerants. 
Cigarette lighter plugs, cords.
Circuit Breakers.
Coaxial cable tools
CODE sending Key (Ham)
Component parts
Computer cables, Roll up cables
Computer Headset (mike & earpiece)
Connectors, RF, Coaxial Connectors.
Connectors, Audio

CONNECTORS index, links to all types.

CONNECTORS, RF, INDEX PAGE for coaxial cable
Connectors, BNC, UHF, VHF, N, twin-ax
Connectors, CAT-5, CAT-6
Connectors, D-subminiature, computer
Connectors, DC Coaxial power plugs
Connectors, DIN, mini-DIN
Connectors, dual row, IDC, card edge connectors etc.
Connectors, Telephone types, modular
Connectors, 110 Style jacks, punch down tool
Connectors, Video, home theatre
Connectors, wire to wire (Molex style)
Crimping Tools, telephone styles
Crimping tools, compression connectors styles.  
Crimping tools, several types  including F connectors, "D-sub", BNC etc.
Crimping tool, for solderless terminals

DATA Jacks, 110 style RJ45 110 Style jacks, punch down tool
DATAK PC Board making products.
DC to AC power inverters.
DC coaxial plugs, cables, adaptors
DC Power Cords, connectors (automotive)
DC power supplies
DSS Wall Plates
Earbuds (earphones)
EDSYN products page
Electrical Tape
Fader Control, potentiometer
Fans, fan accessories
Fahnstock Clip
Fiber optic Audio Cable
Fiber Optic TOOLS (cutting, crimping, stripping)
Firewire RoadWarrior Cables
FM Intercoms
FUSES, fuse holders, fuse pullers
Gender Changers
Grounding Blocks
Hammond chassis boxes page
Hand tool, pliers, side cutters, long nose pliers, strippers and crimpers

Hardware I  (Machine screws, nuts, washers)
Hardware II  (nylon hardware, metal hole plugs, rubber grommets)
Hardware III (Cable ties, nylon circuit board mounts etc. not yet on the web. See Philmore catalog.)

HDMI switches, wall plates
HDMI Coupler, Repeater, repeater-cables
Home Theatre Products INDEX

Headphones, computer use.
Headphones, earbud style.
Heat Gun
Heat Shrink tubing
Heat Sink Compounds
Home Theatre Accessories
Hospital AC Plugs, Connectors

Insulators, antenna insulators
Invertor, inverter (power invertor, DC to 110 AC)
Intercoms, wireless FM intercoms
IPOD Accessories

Keystone Jacks
Kits, electronics kits
Knife set
Lamps, magnifying work lights
Lamps, Mini Screw Base Holders
Lamps, Incandescent Panel lamps, imports
Lamps, Incandescent Panel lamps, UL listed
Lamps, LED Panel lamps (first page)
Lamps, LED Panel lamps (second page)
Lamps, NEON Panel lamps, imports
Lamps, NEON Panel lamps, UL listed

LED’s, bi-colour
LED’s standard sizes.
LED’s, blinking .
LED’s, holders.
LED’s square, rectangular.
LED’s, IR .

Magnet Wire
MediaStar® Audio Cables.
Microphone, Floor Stands
Microphone, Desktop Stands, mounts
Microphones, MediaStar® microphones
Microphone cables from MediaStar.
Microphone windscreens.
Microphone, for 2-way radio
Microphone connectors
Microphone clip, mobile mounting
Modular (telephone, data) Connectors.
"Molex Style" connectors and tools (Adobe)

Multimeters, volt-ohm meters.

Ohm’s Law circle (free)
Outlet strips, AC power outlets or Power Taps

Panel Lamps, see pilot lights below.
P.C. Boards, pre-sensitized PC boards and plain
P.C. Board Terminal Blocks
Photo Transistors . (Adobe)
Pin Extraction Tool (Adobe)
Piezo Sounders (buzzers)

Pilot Lights, Panel Lamps UL listed
Pilot Light, LED panel lamps
Plastic Restorer-refinisher
Power Taps for 220 VAC
Power Cords, AC cords, replacement and extensions
Printed Circuit making accessories, drill bits, exposure frames
Printed Circuit boards, Negative Spray process
Printed Circuit boards, positive acting PC boards
Probes, test probes
Proto-Boards, prototyping PC boards, experimenters boards
Project boxes, chassis boxes with matching PC boards.

Raceway, duct and boxes, accessories
RCA Connectors (phono)
Regulated Power Supplies
RF Connectors
RF Modulator
RF Power Meter
RoadWarrior USB, Firewire and IPOD Cables.

Security Products, alarms, sounders. sirens
Siren, electronic horn type
Siren Driver Kit
Solder, solder irons and accessories
Solder, Lead-Free RoHS
Solderless Terminals I
Solderless Terminals II    Note: Solderless terminals occupy three pages, each must be opened separately.
Solderless Terminals III

Sounders (electronic buzzers)
Speakers, miniature P.M.
Speakers, loud speakers, P.A. speakers, horn speakers
Speaker System Terminals
Speaker wire, 18 AWG zip wire
Speaker wire, best quality
Speaker, ceiling mount
Speakers, 4" thru 8" PM
Speakers, Miniature PM
Speakers, Indoor trumpet
Speakers, Indoor/Outdoor trumpet
Speakers, Indoor/Outdoor trumpet page two
Speakers, 5 way Selector Switch

Step/UP, Step/Down Transformers
Stereo Preamplifier
Strain reliefs
Strain relief tool
SUPERFLEX audio/video cables
Surge Protectors, AC line protectors

SWITCHES INDEX PAGE, links to all types here.
For all switches of the following types, click on the (above) link.
SWITCHES for Video and Audio Equipment.

Switches, appliance types
Switches, automotive
Switches, Dimmer, Dip
Switches, Key switches
Switches, magnetically activated reed switch
Switches, Marine
Switches, Mercury Tilt switch
Switches, rocker switches
Switches, slide switches
Switches, snap action
Switches, toggle switches

SWR Meter

TV Antennas
Telephone Jacks (other than wall plates)
Telephone Accessories page 2
Telephone Crimping tools
Telephone Modular Connectors
Telephone Modular Convert
Terminal Blocks (PCB type)

Telephone, Bell and extension ringers
Telephone, Cables, connectors, jacks
Telephone Installation Kit (professional).
Telephone, punch down & installation tools (Types 66/110)
Telephone, Wall Plates
Telephone Wall mount jacks
Telephone Decorator style Wall Plates, continued
Telephone Modular Adaptors
Telephone, Wire
Terminal Blocks ("66" blocks, wall brackets, distribution spools etc.)
Test Leads, first page (pg.180)
Test Leads, Second page (pg.181)

Test Prods

Tools, alignment
Tools, coaxial crimping tools
Tools, IC & PLCC Extraction
Tools, forceps or seizers
Tools, screwdrivers and nut-drivers
Tools, for telephone installation (type 66,110)
Tools, general tools including crimping tools, pliers, cutters, strippers etc.
Tools, Pin Extraction and crimping (Molex style)
Tools, Wire Strippers

Tool set, open end wrenches set (small sizes)

Transformers, power transformers (filament transformers)
Travel Voltage Adaptors and transformers/converters
Travel Adaptors, new types
Trimmers, capacitors
Trimmers, potentiometers

Type 66, Type 110 tools

USB Cables, Roadwarrior style

USB Cables and hub, accessories
Video Accessories, general
Video, Antenna amplifier
Video, Antenna Rotor (antenna rotator)
Video Cables, connectors
Video, Cleaning Accessories
Video, dubbing cables
Video, Satellite Amplifier, Satellite Combiner, Satellite Splitters
Video, Switches

Video, Tape rewinders
Video, wall plates 
Video, HDMI Accessories

WALL PLATES INDEX, find all types of wall plates here.
Wall Plates, CAT5, CAT6 (data and phone)
Wall Plates, Computer connector type wall plates
Wall Plates, Home Theatre
Wall Plates, telephone
Wall Plates, Video
Wire, Audio
Wire, Coaxial cable
Wire, Hook up wire.
Wire, Magnet  wire..
Wire, Flat Ribbon Cable, IDC cable
Wire, Speaker 18 AWG wire
Wire, Power cord, SPT-1 wire, AC cord
Wire, Telephone wire, flat and round wire
Wire, Video
Wire to Wire (Molex compatible) Connectors.
Wire, wire-management products
Wire markers, wire marker sets
Wire Nuts, wire connectors  or New LKG Wire Knutt (for AC wiring)
Work Lamps
Wrist Straps, anti-static

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