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NEW Home Theatre and Home Concert Hall Wall Plates.
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Quick FIT© Custom Design Inserts
The following Wall Plate Inserts are White in color and have 3/8" holes with hex nut recesses to accommodate the connectors shown below. Philmore also manufactures these plates with simple 3/8" holes (i.e. no recess for hex nut) in white, ivory and black.

See the Quick FIT Connectors below; they are distinguished by the Built-in Hex nut that keeps them from rotating in the above Quick FIT inserts when they are installed.

The above inserts will fit Wall Plate Covers shown here.                

Single 75-1000 75-1500 75-1300 75-1400
2 gang plate 75-2000 75-2500 75-2300 none
3 gang plate 75-3000 75-3500 none none


Here you see the typical wall plates in one, two and three ‘gang’ sizes. Part numbers for these wall plate covers are shown in the chart above. All, of course, fit standard electrical outlet boxes.

Below are custom inserts that do Not have the recessed hex shape, just the 3/8" hole to accommodate any number of Philmore connectors for your audio and video custom home theatre or concert hall.


These inserts are also available with many kinds of connectors already installed, which is not only convenient, but often saves a bit of cost too.

Roam this web site or (better) leaf through the Philmore catalog for a better idea of the hundreds of connector types that you can use with these wall plates.

The following are SOLDERLESS CONNECTORS for use in the QUICK FIT INSERTS
shown at the top of this page. Most connectors in this series are gold plated for outstanding, long-term electrical characteristics as well as a very sharp, life-long appearance in your home.

Extra long 1" dual "F" female to female coupler, or feed thru; accommodates a male "F" connector at the front and back of the wall plate.
Part no. 42-1081G is a package of two, gold plated.

Part no. 42-1081 package of two bright nickel plated connectors.

(click photo to see larger)

RCA to "F" female feed thru jacks, for Audio or Video use. Internal insulators are available in colors which will help keep "left and right" or video identified.

Part no. 45-307G package of two gold plated feedthrus with one red and one white insulator.
Part no. 45-306G package of 3, with one each red, yellow and white insulators.
Part no. 45-301G package of 3, one each red, green and blue insulators.

(click photo to see larger)


Low Profile BANANA JACKS will accommodate a banana plug at the wall plate and up to a 12 ga. speaker wire on the hidden side (set screw tightens to make wire connection).

Part no. 45-239G package of two, 1 red and 1black banded on gold plated connector.



NOTE: see an INDEX of all Philmore Wall Plates here.

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