Video Applications-traditional TV usage. Use with both cable TV and/or MATV systems, antenna etc.
(Philmore also manufacturers wall plates for telephone connections.)

(For wall plates with HD-15 connectors for HDTV, see this page)

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Note: for bulk in 100 lot quantities, add a "B" to the end of the part number. For example, to order one hundred of the first item on this page, you would order "100 part no. TV41B" and save some money as the display package is not needed. Bulk must be purchased in quantity.

This is the standard, or basic, style used in millions of applications with 75 ohm coaxial cable installations for either cable TV or an MATV antenna system. May be used flush without a box or placed in a standard electrical knock-out box. An F-81 coupler feed-thru is mounted in the center and will accommodate male "F" connectors from both sides.

Mounting brackets and hardware are included with each wall plate. INSTALLERS NOTE: PHILMORE WALL PLATES ARE AVAILABLE IN BULK FROM YOUR LOCAL STOCKING DISTRIBUTOR. Also, see ten packs below.

Part no. Description
TV41 Ivory wall plate with F-81
TV41V White wall plate with F-81
TV41S Brown wall plate with F-81

 Here is the above wall plate INCLUDING MOUNTING SCREWS ONLY, no bracket.

Part no. Description
TV41N Ivory wall plate with F-81 w/screws
TV41VN White wall plate with F-81 with/screws
TV41SN Brown wall plate with F-81 with/screws
75-3418 Light Almond wall plate with F-81 w/screws
75-3420 Almond wall plate with F-81 with/screws
42-741 Stainless Steel, bright finish, wall plate with F-81 with/screws

Ten packs of the above plates, convenience and cost savings for builders and professional installers.

Part no. Description
76-102 ten pack IVORY wall plates with F-81
76-104 ten pack WHITE wall plates with F-81
76-106 ten pack LIGHT ALMOND wall plates with F-81


Identical to the above wall plates but called mid-sized and the dimensions are 3-1/8" by 4-78". The unit looks identical to the above standard plate but is slightly different in size.

Part no. Description
42-250 Ivory wall plate with F-81, mid-size
42-525 White wall plate with F-81, mid-size


This is a very popular style, and does tend to be a bit more durable as well as more attractive than ordinary wall plates. The "F" connector is a solder type on the back, for connection of Coaxial Cable from the MATV system or the cable company’s distribution box.
    Included: flush mount "F" coupler, Wall plate, mounting hardware and (metal) mounting bracket.

Part no. Description
TV48 Ivory Designer wall plate & hardware
TV48V White Designer wall plate & hardware
TV48S Brown Designer wall plate & hardware

DECEP STYLE WALL PLATE with F connector.

DECEP might mean "deception"; the plate is all one piece but appears to be a designer plate as in above. Available in two colors and in installer ten packs for convenience.

Part no. Description
TV40 Ivory Wall Plate with "F" connector
TV40V White Wall Plate with "F" connector
76-130 Ivory wall plate in TEN PACK
76-132 White wall plate in TEN PACK



For the two connections found most in the home: telephone and television. The plates have an "F-81" connector, which is a "feedthru". A male "F" connector, which is the familiar screw-on cable connector can be attached at the back of the plate and the front as well. This insures a very high quality (low loss) path for the television signals whether cable TV or from an antenna system.
    The other jack is the familiar 4-pin telephone "modular" connector. The plate is available in popular colors and also the special "mid-size" plate which is 3-1/8" by 4-7/8".

Part no. Description
TWP11 Ivory Telephone/TV Plate
TWP11V White Plate Telephone/TV Plate
75-3168 Light Almond Telephone/TV Plate
75-3170 Almond Telephone/TV Plate
75-850 Ivory Telephone/TV Plate, mid-size
75-852 White Telephone/TV Plate, mid-size

Note: Philmore has a complete series of Wall Plates for use in telephone only applications as we as for HDTV and other applications. See the Wall Plate Index for other sections with Wall Plates.


Jacks for the telephone as well as satellite or cable TV or antenna system. Two gold plated F connectors (F-81 feed thru type) and a four conductor modular telephone jack.


Part no. Description
75-4492 Ivory DSS Wall plate
75-4494 White DSS Wall plate
75-4496 Brown DSS Wall plate
75-4498 Lt. Almond DSS Wall plate



A splitter on the back of the wall plate means that you can run your coaxial TV cable (either from antenna or an antenna system) to the wall plate and then "take off" another lead to go to the "next" wall plate. It’s easy to daisy chain the wall plates in your home so that you can run TV to several rooms, different walls etc.

Both front and back of the plate shown here.


Part no. Description
42-320 Ivory color, wallplate w/splitter
42-322 White color, wall plate w/splitter.


When two "F" connectors are needed at the same wall plate outlet. Plate has two F-81 male/male feed thru connectors. Available in popular colors and also in Installer Ten Packs.

Part no. Description
TV45 Ivory color Dual F wallplate
TV45V White color Dual F wallplate
75-3428 Light Almond Dual F wall plate
75-3430 Almond Dual F wall plate
42-745 Stainless Steel Dual F wall plate

INSTALLER PACKS (TEN PACKS) of above Wall Dual F Wallplates

Part no. Description
76-108 Ivory Wallplate in ten pack
76-110 White Wallplate in ten pack
76-112 Light Almond Wallplate in ten pack


Holes have a hexagonal inset to prevent
standard F-81 feed-thru adaptors from turning.

Part no. Description
TV42 Ivory plate with single F connector hole
TV42V White plate with single F connector hole
76-114 Installer Pack of ten TV42, ivory single hole
76-116 Installer Pack of ten TV42V white single hole
75-4510  Ivory plate with dual F connectors hole
75-4512 White plate with dual F connectors hole
  Philmore plates always include matching mounting screws
  Note: quantity buyers may add a "B" at the end of
the part number for bulk



(For other types of Wall Plates, be sure to see the Index page here.

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