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PC Board making products.   Wire Markers.    Panel Markings & Titles.    Dry-transfer Decals. PC Board etchanting, etchants, tin plating, PC board drafting products and more…

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Printed Circuit Instructions for Positive Boards.
Printed Circuit Instructions for Negative Acting Resist.

Datak has been a major supplier of Printed Circuit artwork creation materials for decades. Other Datak products are listed here as well…..we hope that you will take a moment to look.

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Datak Premier.gif (3252 bytes)Premier Series, Positive-acting, pre-sensitized boards with a resist that responds to a standard Edison light bulb and develops flawlessly. Boards available in many sizes, copper on one or two sides. See the 14-series part numbers in the Datak catalog. 

Datak Negative Acting , pump spray photo resist for coating copper boards for making Printed Circuit boards.
This spray makes it possible for you to coat your own PC boards, any size or shape. Look into Datak no. ER-71 Photo Resist Sensitizer.
DATAK Etchant, developers, Tinnit for tin plating PC boards, and other chemicals and tools for your prototype or small run production may be seen in the Datak catalog.

Datak Direct Etch dry-transfer decals. This series of decals can be "rubbed-down"directdry transfers.jpg (46749 bytes)ly on the copper to act as an etch resist. Patterns for all industry components are available. The patterns may also be used upon clear film or paper to create "positive" artwork. 

JOTDRAFT™ Printed Circuit Component Patterns for creating printed circuit artwork the "old fashion way", consists of component footprints on clear film backing that can adhere to a larger sheet of film to create positive artwork.

DATwiremark.jpg (6092 bytes)AK Flexy Markers┬« Wire Marker sets. Available in hundreds of sets from alpha and numeric to colors and customized titles, Flexy Markers may be used on all popular wire sizes (use on wires ranging from 0.35" to 1.125" diameter). Colors available too!  Resistant to oils and age; one size marker fits a vast range of wire sizes! (Email for free sample.  )

protobd.jpg (55386 bytes)Datak Protoboards. Small to medium-large PC boards, drilled to 1/10" centers and ready for the mounting/soldering of electronic components for your experimental circuits. One side is the copper pattern; the component side is silk-screened so that you won’t have to guess where the copper traces run.  Shown to your left is a small board for DIP IC’s. There are different layouts for nearly any circuit imaginable. These boards are shown in both the Datak and Philmore catalogs under the Prototype Boards heading.

KITS, both useful and fun. DATAKITS┬« are circuits for Do-it-Yourself assembly and the selection ranges fromdatak_1.jpg (32121 bytes) FM Microphone "bugs" to audio amplifiers, timers, remote IR relays, power supplies and more. Useful and educational; teachers will definitely want to consider these as classroom aids to teach fundamentals of soldering and circuits. Hobbyists and experimenter must see these. About 65 kits are available; with more on the way. See the Datakits in either the Philmore or Datak catalogs. 

DATAK Custom Dry-Transfers for company logos, panel and meter markings, and even sales promotions. Datak can custom manufacturer "rub-down" (dry-transfer) decals with your company logo or slogan or just about any pattern or wording that you can imagine. Cost and Quantities are not prohibitively high. Contact the factory for some detailed information (and see the Datak catalog for specifics).

Some, but probably not all, Datak products are IN STOCK at the locations on our Distributor Page .
All listed distributors can order Datak products for you (except Custom Dry-Transfers, contact factory for those). Datak PC Board products and kits are in stock at the distributors shown below. 2-17


East of the Mississippi, contact Jay-tronics Co. for PC board products.
Jay-tronics Co.              128 No. Rockton Ave.             zip: 61103           phone: 815-965-8786
Visa and MasterCard accepted for quick UPS or PP shipment.

West of the Mississippi, contact Walker for PC board products:

Walker Electronics Supply Company   3347 Columbia St. NE  zip: 87107  phone 800-824-9064
email:    WebPage:
Visa and MasterCard accepted for quick UPS or PP shipment.

On the West Coast:

Willy’s Electronics at 1636 D Avenue
National City, CA  91950  telephone: 619-477-2119

Paul’s Electronics      475 N.E. 167th Street 
voice: 305-653-7488   
FL, North Miami Beachzip: 33162
also Stocking DATAK products in Florida

And if you have questions regarding the use of Datak Products, email them to: