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Long Life, Solid State, light emitting diodes make this series of snap-in lamps a very dependable component. Available in popular voltages as well as the standard LED voltage (2 Volt series); use Ohm’s law to calculate a series resistor if other voltages are needed. All LED’S on this page operate at 20 mA DC typical.

LED LAMP ASSEMBLIES are available in two sizes: for .312" diameter panel holes and for .500" diameter panel holes. Lens styles are either flush with the front of the lamp or about 0.30" above the front in the "high rings style".

LED LAMPS for .312" diameter mounting holes (minimum panel thickness:.030:)


Body Material: Nylon
Lens  material: Polycarbonate
Bezel material: Brass (plated)
Wire Gauge: 18 ga.
Wire Strip: 1/2"
Terminals: .187 QC
Panel Thickness: 0.030" min
Certifications: 2V – CUL, TUV 12 – 14V – UL, TUV 24-28V – TUV, CE

LED LAMPS for mounting in .50" diameter holes.
        For use where a larger lamp is indicated.










(link to neon and incandescent lamp assemblies)

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