New items released in 2006

It is customary for Philmore to release new products during the Electronic Distribution show (EDS) which is held in May of each year. The following categories of products were introduced this year 2006.

    Lead Free Solder The RoHS compliant and required solder of tomorrow.

    Microphone Floor Stands for performers and speakers, schools or business.

    Microphone Desktop Stands and Accessories for recording conferences, on the dais etc.  

    LED Panel Lamps an expansion-addition to our line of neon, incandescent panel lamps.

    Video Cables, CCTV Cables and DVD cables.

    Road Warrior USB 2.0 Rollup Cables (and IPOD cables)

    HIGH DEFINITION Multimedia Switches, Repeaters, HDMI Cables

    New HDTV Designer Style Wall Plates

    NEW Prototype Builders Circuit Boards, protoboards
    New Power Inverters (120 VAC from your automobile battery)
    Miscellaneous New Products, ceiling fan switches, AC receptacles etc.

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