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There is no question that Lead-Free solder is emerging as the
standard of the industry. Philmore also continues to supply traditional, lead-bearing solders during the transition period.  

Philmore brings to you the Qualitek Lead-Free Solders, a name that you can trust to assure that your products are in complete compliance with new industry requirements.

No-Clean (NC600) Wire Solder

A single core NC600 Flux-Filled lead free wire solder, NC600 flux. Use in high reliability assembly but with rapid wetting and spreading. Ideal for most consumer electronics and electrical soldering as well. Residue removal not required.

Water-Soluble (WS700) Wire Solder

The WS700 is formulated for electronic applications where rapid wetting action and ease of cleaning flux residue with water. This organic flux generally provides greater fluxing ability than rosin. Will not easily decompose and carbonize. Minimal spattering.


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