A quick introduction to New Products…….

New MediaStar Microphones from the Philmore division of LKG Industries, Inc. of Rockford, Illinois
NEW in JUNE 2005

The new series of microphones are all dynamic, low impedance in the 500 to 600 ohm range. All feature machined metal cases and woven steel protective grills. All microphones are complete with shielded, flexible microphone cords. The 75-1500 (on your left) has a 12 foot cord terminated in a standard 1/4" phone plug for use with unbalanced amplifiers. All other microphones are supplied with a 17 foot, balanced microphone cord terminated in a three pin XLR style connector (standard for use with balanced amplifiers). All cords are black rubber insulated.     AND,  YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE PRICES WHEN YOU SEE THEM!

                              This will be your lucky day! 4 21 5 40 17 42

All of the above five microphones are dynamic, either cardioid or hyper-cardioid and range in price from $13.95 to $37.50 (true!). These are not toys, Philmore MediaStar brand microphones are quality microphones with response patterns and performance that will rival microphones that cost well over a hundred dollars each. And, microphone cables are pure rubber, flexible and priced equally well. See your Philmore distributor now!

Other new Products include:Panel Lamps in many colors.

HUNDREDS OF PANEL LAMP ASSEMBLIES including neon, and incandescent lamps in colors (red, amber, green, blue, clear, white).

All lamp assemblies are designed to mount in either 0.50" or .312" diameter holes. (See the new products catalog at your local distributors location.)



NEW MP3 BROADCASTER sends your personal MP3 Player (or CD player etc.) audio to your car FM stereo or other FM radio. Your sound collection is not just for earbuds anymore!

The model MW700 may be set to transmit on anyone of four different frequencies in your local FM radio band; in superb stereo!  No. MW700

Model no. MW700 for more details


The all new Waistband Amplifier; perfect for docents, lecturers and anyone with a soft voice that wants to address a crowd.  Model PA500 operates on a nine volt transistor battery. Supplied with head set microphone.

You can find the model no. PA500 for sale at a hundred dollars, but your PHILMORE distributor has it for less than fifty dollars!


 A HUGE Expansion in Philmore’s highly popular HOME THEATRE Wall Plates, plugs and jacks and more.





From Left to right, nos. 44-555, 44-533 (with remote control feature) and no. 44-535. Click on any switch to see a larger view.



New MEDIASTAR AUDIO and VIDEO ADAPTORS for the best performing home theatre and sound systems.

AND….new audio plugs and jacks including RCA fully shielded for video as well as RCA and BNC for mini-coaxial cables.


BATTERY HOLDERS of all sorts, dozens of new styles have been added to the Philmore line. (Left, a four cell AA holder and right, a coin cell battery holder. See the new products catalog for details.)


NEW KITS for 2005: see them in the catalog. New are a BIG EAR Amplifier Kit, an FM RF AMPLIFIER Kit and a BATTERY VOLTAGE MONITOR KIT.

And, among other items not shown here yet, TRANSFORMERS
Philmore has expanded its listing of 120 Volt AC transformers; just about any engineering project or experiment can be powered by a Philmore transformer.


New cables for HDMI, DVI, RF and CCTV Security Systems! Dozens of new cables will be shown in this web page very soon.

New Kits for June 2005:


Assemble this kit for use with either 9V or 12V. Seven LED’s indicate if the battery is fully charged, partially charged, or getting weak. The circuit could be wired permanently into an automobile or used with just about any circuit where charge condition is important information. Monitor that Gel cell used for radios during camping trips.

Voltage Monitor Kit Catalog No. 80-700


The circuit can do for your ears what a telescope does for your eyes. A sensitive dynamic microphone element feeds a high gain audio circuit that can drive headphones or a small speaker. Instructions tell how to make a "dish" from poster board or even a lampshade. (Poster board not included.) Listen in remotely on wildlife from a huge distance. Can hear a conversation from a block away!

Big Ear Amplifier Kit Catalog No. 80-272



See Ham Radio Kits here


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