CABLES-New additions in 2006


Extra long lengths of quality Audio / Video cables in our line of MEDIA STAR Plus A/V cables. Using the very best cables with your fine Audio / Video equipment provides assurance that you will receive the quality performance that was designed into that equipment. Media Star Extra cables are certain insurance that quality sound and video reproduction will be yours, probably for a lifetime. The purest materials and precision manufacturing make Media Star Extra the finest series of cables and connectors that you can find at any price. All electrical contact surfaces are Gold plated, oxygen free copper is used throughout. Dark blue color jacket with Silver color connector handle. RoHS compliant and pure copper only.


 3.5 Male Stereo Plug on each end.

        New Size:   No. 71-3750 – 50 Ft.

Dual RCA Male to Male Cables, two males each end.

No. 71-3350 – 50 Ft.       No. 71-3375 – 75 Ft.       No. 71-3310 –
100 Ft.

 RCA Male to Male Cables.

   No. 71-3150 – 50 Ft.       No. 71-3175 – 75 Ft.       No. 71-3110 – 100 Ft.

MEDIASTAR®  Component Video, three RCA Males on each end.
No. 71-3250 – 50 Ft.

No. 71-3275 – 75 Ft.

No. 71-3210 – 100 Ft.

MEDIASTAR®  Digital Video, RCA male on each end.

No. 71-3550 – 50 Ft.      No. 71-3575 – 75 Ft.
      No. 71-3510- 100 Ft.

MEDIASTAR®  Stereo & S-VHS. 2 RCA males and MD4
                                    single males on each end.

No. 71-3450 – 50 Ft.      No. 71-3475 – 75 Ft.      No. 71-3410 – 100 Ft.



Built-in quality gives a quality look and feel in a 75 ohm cable that features a pure Copper center conductor and a 93% precisely woven braid coverage (equal to not less than a 100% shield). Cable O.D. is only 0.150", our Super-flex, rubber outer jacket is tough but supple and will last a lifetime. For use with virtually all consumer or broadcast video equipment. RoHS compliant.


MEDIASTAR®  BNC Male to BNC Male Cable

five lengths available.
    No. 70-2703 –
3 Ft.      No. 70-2706 – 6 Ft.      No. 70-2712 – 12 Ft.     
    No. 70-2725 –
25 Ft.      No. 70-2750 – 50 Ft.


MEDIASTAR® RCA Male to RCA Male Cable

No. 70-2803 – 3 Ft.    No. 70-2806 – 6 Ft.    No. 70-2812 – 12 Ft.   
No. 70-2825 –
25 Ft.    No. 70-2850 – 50 Ft.


MEDIASTAR® BNC Male to RCA Male Cable

No. 70-2903 – 3 Ft.       No. 70-2906 – 6 Ft.       No. 70-2912 – 12 Ft.
No. 70-2925 –
25 Ft.       No. 70-2950 – 50 Ft.


MEDIASTAR® Right Angle COM-V Video Cables
DVD Component Video Cables.

DVD component video cables. A Right Angle connector, designed to save space, can knock off almost an inch behind your equipment. This is our "regular" Component Video cable, with soft, flexible insulation and three color coded, gold plated RCA connectors on each end. For use with all video equipment that has Component Video (red, blue, green) jacks. This is a much better cable than any competitor’s that we have seen, but still priced in the same range as ordinary cables. RoHS compliant, of course.

No. 45-3203 – 3 Ft.       No. 45-3206 – 6 Ft.       No. 45-3212 – 12 Ft.       No. 45-3225 – 25 Ft.

Straight COM-V Video Cables DVD Component Video Cables.

No. 45-3303-3 ft.       No. 45-3306-6 ft.       No. 45-3312 -12ft.      
No. 45-3325-25ft     No. 45-3350-50 ft.

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