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(Shown, bare PC board and end view.)

The circuit is a PC driven sampler that monitors voltage changes over periods ranging from milliseconds to months. It can even double as a low frequency "scope", to examine signals up to about 5KHz. Powered by connection to the parallel port, no external supply needed. The kit is designed based upon original article in Electronics Australia (Aug. ‘96) by Graham Cattley. The original article is included, full of useful information and applications. Here is a place to put that old ‘386 or ‘486 to use. Software is included; runs under DOS. The entire circuit fits in a compact plastic connector case, included. A good kit for serious hobbyists.

Pocket Sampler/logger Kit……………..Part No. 80-112

for 8 ohm Horn Speaker
(Photo not available, but schematic is included here; click to enlarge)

Produces an incredibly loud (120dB) siren sound, the familiar rise and falling wail. The Zetex SZD100 siren driver is used for reliability. You can power this circuit on any voltage from 4 to 18 volts DC. Low current drain makes this an ideal circuit for battery use, automotive alarms, battery powered burglar alarms and so on. Use with Philmore WP4 or WP7 or similar horn speaker. Alarm Siren Driver Kit………………………
        No. 80-116
Alarm Siren Driver kit

Dual un-Regulated Power Supply
(Click photo for larger view)

This is a very simple circuit, which will provide a dual supply (often needed for power amplifiers) when the user supplies a center tapped, 110VAC transformer. The kit simply contains the diodes, electrolytic and a place (PCB) to connect the transformer and outputs. Here is an in-use example: a 30volt center-tapped transformer rated at 75VA will supply a maximum of +/- 15volts at 2.5 amps. (75 divided by 30 gives 2.5 amps. A 30V center-tapped gives a +/- 25 volt supply, you would need to use a 50V, center-tapped transformer. ..

        Part No. 80-114 Power Supply Kit

(photo of unit not available, PC board shown, click to enlarge.)

The kit enables user to control two unipolar stepper motors via the parallel port. Four digital inputs are also included (these may be used  for monitoring external switches, inputs etc.). The kit does not require a power supply. Included, an extended D-shell plastic case (RS-232 style) and all parts. A DOS based program written specifically to drive ‘steppers’ is included on diskette, complete with C source code. (Above, only the PCB is shown.)

Part No. 80-113 Stepper Controller Kit

12 bit Data Acquisition System for PC

The circuit, once built, connects to the parallel port of a PC for data input/output. Uses the Maxim 186 IC; collect analog and digital information and store them on the hard drive. Included software can display and interpret the data, provide trends etc. This is a very sophisticated little device and software (good Science Fair stuff too). Manuals and software are zipped on an included diskette. This is for somewhat sophisticated users that know their way around a PC fairly well. Not for beginners. Power with 9 or 12V DC.

        No. 80-118 Data Acquisition System Kit

Audio to Light Modulator

Introduces the optocoupler triac MOC3010 and power triac. Complete electrical isolation between input and audio signal (low voltage circuit) and output light modulation is achieved. Drive the circuit with a 1.2 to 1.5 volt music signal. Operates from 110Volt AC line. Audio input via 3.5mm jack.

        No. 80-120 Audio to light Modulator kit

ATMEL AVR PIC Programmer Kit
(All components are included, only the PC board is shown. Click for larger view.)

    The kit is a powerful programmer for the ATMEL AVR series 20 pin and 40 pin EEPROMs, most with SRAM. The series includes AT90-S1200 & S2313 twenty pin and AT90S4414 & S8515 forty pin devices. These low power CMOS devices feature flash memory, non-volatile EEPROM as well as fuses and lock bits and RISC architecture. Electrically erasable, they may be programmed over and over again. (Data sheets available the ATMEL web site.) This programmer has a serial port for connection to a PC. No special software needed, any terminal emulator program that can send an ASCII text file will work (or download FREE  term.exe, info included)    
        The PCB will accommodate ZIF (zero insertion force) programming sockets (not incl.) if you wish to add them. Power with a non regulated 12VDC AC wall adaptor (at) about 150mA (which should run about 16VDC with no load).

NO. 80-122  AVR PIC Programmer Kit


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DATAKITS® from the Datak Manufacturing div. of LKG Industries, Inc.
copyright ©2003 LKG Industries, all rights reserved.