Plates for telephone, data and television.
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NOTE: Philmore wall plates are always supplied with mounting screws of a matching color.


The designer style plate is a very popular look, considered to look "higher class" than other designs. The plate is comprised of two pieces, a plate cover and then a, center plate. The "center plate" has the jacks or other connectors. Be sure to remember to buy plate covers when you buy Designer Wall plates; unless you purchase those packages that include both parts.


To your left, the single jack no. 75-4250
 wall plate, which some will call a "wall plate
insert". You will need a Wall Plate Cover for
any of these wall plates, see them below.
Be sure to select a cover of a matching color.

To your right, the 75-4168 which is typical of
wall plates with two connectors.

All important contact surface areas are gold plated for long life.

Designer wall plates for telephone and TV chart

Part no. Description   Part no. Description
75-4040 Single 4-conductor jack, Ivory = 75-4420 Dual (2) "F" connectors, Ivory
75-4042 Single 4-conductor jack, White = 75-4422 Dual (2) "F" connectors, White
75-4044 Single 4-conductor jack, Brown = 75-4428 Dual (2) "F" Connectors, light Almond
75-4048 Single 4-conductor jack, Lt. Almond = 75-4240 Dual (2) 4-conductor phone jack, Ivory
75-4250 Single 4-conductor jack, Almond = 75-4242 Dual (2) 4-conductor phone jack, White
75-4060 Single 6-conductor jack, Ivory = 75-4248 Dual (2) 4-conductor phone jack, Lt. Almond
75-4062 Single 6-conductor jack, White = 75-4252 Dual (2) 4-conductor phone jack, Almond
75-4064 Single 6-conductor jack, Brown = 75-4260 Dual (2) 6-conductor phone jack, Ivory
75-4080 Single 8-conductor jack, Ivory = 75-4262 Dual (2) 6-conductor phone jack, White
75-4082 Single 8-conductor jack, White = 75-4280 Dual (2) 8-conductor phone jack, Ivory
75-4410 Single "F" connector, Ivory = 75-4282 Dual (2) 8-conductor phone jack, White
75-4412 Single "F" connector, White = 75-4680 One 6 and one 8 conductor jack, Ivory
75-4414 Single "F" connector, Brown = 75-4682 One 6 and one 8 conductor jack, White
75-4418 Single "F" connector, Lt. Almond = 75-4160 One "F" and one 6-conductor jack, Ivory
75-4430 Single "F" connector, Almond = 75-4162 One "F" and one 6-conductor jack, White
      75-4166 One "F" and one 6-conductor jack, Light Almond

Used "universally" with Philmore Home Theatre, Computer, Telephone Wall Plates. The Philmore wall plate covers fit standard electrical boxes, and are available in one, two or three gang configurations. Colors will match industry standards.

Single plate covers for one plate are available in several colors, a plate is shown to your left. Dual plate covers, for two plates are available and shown to your right. Three plate covers are not shown here.

Part no. Description
75-1000  single plate cover (left photo), white
75-2000 two plate cover (right photo), white
75-3000 three plate cover (not shown here) white
75-1500 single plate cover, ivory
75-2500 two plate cover, ivory
75-3500 three plate cover, ivory
75-1300 single plate cover, black
75-2300 two plate cover, black
75-1400 single plate cover, almond

All of the HDTV series employ "bulkhead" jacks; which means that there is a jack on both sides of the wall plate for connection with a cable that has a mating plug. Normally, the wall plate is

 These wall plates are designer style and packaged in complete sets for convenience. A set includes the wall plate, the cover plate, a metal mounting bracket and matching color cover screws.

Part no. Description
TWP48 4-conductor Ivory designer wall plate set
TWP48V 4-conductor White designer wall plate set
TWP48S 4-conductor Brown designer wall plate set
TWP63 6-conductor Ivory designer wall plate set
TWP63V 6-conductor White designer wall plate set
TWP63S 6-conductor Brown designer wall plate set








When you want to mount your choice of connectors, a blank plate can be the answer. This series is UL listed, high-impact resistant and non-flammable thermoplastic; rated "unbreakable". Supplied with matching color mounting screws.


Part no. Description   Part no. Description
75-5068 Ivory color blank insert   75-3068 Black color blank insert
75-1068 White color blank insert   75-6068 Almond color blank insert
75-4068 lt. Almond blank insert  




                Note: Blank wall plate covers are also available.



Available for one, two or three Keystone jacks, these plates accept the standard Keystone insert connectors for telephone, terminals, Datacom, CAT5 etc. Use this series with the Designer style plate covers above. These inserts fit any standard electrical outlet box.

Note: Inserts are available in WHITE only.
Part no. 72-5051 Single hole Keystone Insert.
Part no. 72-5052 Two hole (shown left) Keystone Insert.
Part no. 72-5053 Three hole Keystone Insert.



NEED Keystone Jacks? Follow this link.

Wall Plates with jacks installed.

Preassembled wall plates that fit the popular "DECORATOR" style wall plates that are quite popular now. White is the only color available.

Part no. CAT5111 Plate with one RJ-45 jack
Part no. CAT5112 Plate with two RJ-45 jacks

Mate with 75-1000 and 75-2000 covers above.







NOTE: Philmore wall plates are always supplied with mounting screws of a matching color.


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