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mike stand accessories.     FLOOR STANDS
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Philmore now supplies microphone floor stands, desk top stands and accessories.

weighted base stands.

A familiar style microphone stand with die cast iron base and adjustable in height. The upright may be adjusted from approximately 32" in height up to 60". (The addition of a microphone and holder will usually take the mike up to about 5-1/2 feet max. height) The 5/8"-27 thread on top will accommodate standard microphone holders. Heavy rubber feet eliminate floor noise; and positive locking collets assure that the height will stay where you have placed it. Two finishes are available, traditional chrome mirror finish shaft with a black base or non-reflective black shaft and base.

No. 71-4652……..Floor Stand, Chrome shaft

No. 71-4653 …….Floor Stand, all Black shaft


An innovative idea in microphone stands, the major difference is that the tripod types are light in weight and collapsible for easy transport or storage. The stand may be adjusted from a height of only 31" up to 64" and is very stable. The collapsed package is only 31" long; easy to transport and much lighter than die-cast base units. The top accommodates standard (5/8"-27 threads) microphone  holders. Constructed of steel tubing and nylon molded parts. Rubber feet. Two finishes are available, traditional chrome mirror finish shaft with black molded parts; or non-reflective black shaft and black molded parts. (Black for low reflection of spotlights and camera flash units.)

No. 71-4682……..Floor Stand, Chrome shaft

No. 71-4683 …….Floor Stand, all Black shaft

(Slides onto the shaft of any of the above floor stands)

 An adjustable boom that can accommodate a second microphone for an instrument, other vocalists etc., or simply to hold a set of stereo microphones on one stand and boom. The 32" long boom may be adjusted and tightened "in" or "out" as well as angled up or down to any useful angle. The boom shaft has a standard 5/8"-27 thread to accommodate standard microphone holders. Positive-locking cam for quick, quiet adjustments. The boom is available in conventional chrome plating or in dull black (non-reflective) finish to match microphone floor stands on this page.

No. 71-4666. ………Microphone Boom, Chrome

No. 71-4667……….Microphone Boom, Black

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