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About Philmore and Datak. Here is something in the way of our history and the company today.
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Philmore Manufacturing and Datak are brand names of LKG Industries Incorporated of Rockford Illinois, USA.

Philmore imports and manufactures thousands of products for the electronics industry. A listing of these products can be seen by clicking "Philmore Products" .

Datak manufacturers Printed Circuit making products, Dry-Transfer Decals (both custom made and stock items) as well as electronic kits for the hobbyist and experimenter. Datak’s printed circuit board making products are ideal for the circuit designer or the experimenter wanting to make just a few (or only one ) PC boards. See the Datak Products Page for more information and product descriptions.

Datak is the leading supplier of prototype making PC board materials.

To locate Philmore and Datak products in your area or via mail order, see our listing of Distributors.

A little Philmore History. During the 1930’s and through the 1950’s, Philmore was famous for manufacturing the most popular crystal radio receiver kits in the U.S. . Because these A.M. radio receivers operated without power and were low in cost, especially when compared with the tube type radios of those days, "crystal sets" were very popular with kids (and more than a few adults as well). Listening, through headphones, to local broadcasts for "free" intrigued many people of those days.

Philmore evolved over the years and today it markets thousands of items for use with consumer products in categories such as Audio, Television, Telephone, and Personal Computers as well as connectors and switches for use in manufacturing. Other products supplied by Philmore include speakers, microphones and a host of products listed on the  "Philmore Products" page.

Philmore was purchased in 1988 by the newly formed LKG Industries, Inc. owned and operated by Wayne Timpe (photo), an experienced and respected leader in the electronics industry. Later, in 1993, Mr. Timpe purchased Datak, a maker of thousands of dry transfer products, wire markers and printed circuit making products. Datak products may be viewed on the Datak Products Page .

If you do not find a product and believe that we might supply it, you may ask via email at: lkgindustries@compuserve.com 

Some DATAK history. Datak has been in business since the late 1950’s, supplying dry-transfer decals to the electronics industry. Sets of panel marking terms such as "on off" and "Volume" or "antenna" are still popular with engineering prototype makers and hobbyists; thousands of terms are available for marking panels, and alphabet and numeral kits as well. The same dry-transfers proved to be resistant to etchants and, dry transfer component footprints are available for virtually all of the important electronic components and connectors in common use. These DirectEtch® resist patterns may be used on copper for making one prototype PC board or on clear film to create a positive (or, positive artwork). This very simple approach is still often preferred for simple circuits, even in this highly computerized age.

Datak products are varied and include Wire Markers, probably the largest selection available to the industry today. Many of Datak’s products are outlined on the Datak Products Page. And please remember that you can order your company’s logo or slogan in a custom Dry Transfer; a great promotional item. 

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