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Philmore offers hundreds of SWITCHES. Here is the INDEX to help you find a copy of the PHILMORE Catalog page that will have the switch you are looking for. Find a photo that is close to what you want, and then click the link(s) to see the page or pages.

 If you don’t find exactly what you want on a page, try the preceding and following pages (it’s tough to give every detail on this web page).

Sub-Miniature Toggle switches on page 115 Miniature Toggle switches on page 116

Standard Size Toggle switches on page 116, page 117 and page 118

Printed Circuit board mounting toggle switches on page NP6 and page NP7.

Heavy duty Toggles see three pages, nos. 119, page 120 and page 121

Appliance Switches, with lead wires. See page 121

Paddle handle toggle switches see page 122 and page 123

Round  Switches, see page 124.

and Round Hole paddle switches, see page NP-3 page NP4 and NP-5

Miniature Rocker Switches, see page 127 Rocker Switches page 125 and page 126 and page 127 Miniature and sub-miniature Rocker Switches, snap-in rectangular hole.
Page 128 and NP 2004 page 4 and NP-2

Page 129

HEAVY DUTY & LIGHTED Rocker Switches
Page 130
HEAVY DUTY Rocker Switches

Page 131

HEAVY DUTY & SEALED Rocker Switches 12 VDC automotive and boats. Page 131 Sub-miniature Push button & Keyboard switches.


Page 132


Vandal Resistant (above)  Switches Here is the link.

Push Button Switches
, both PC board mount and panel mount. See links to your right

Push Button Switches Page 132 and

Page 5 in 2004 supplement

Push Button Switches  Mini Push button, panel mounting Page 133 Push Button Switches
12 V lighted, and other push button switches Page 134

(and see Automotive type push buttons below)


"Round Hole switches are called such as they mount (easily!) in Round Holes. These are popular for ease of installation. Round Hole Paddle Lever Toggle switches. See page NP-3 Round Hole Snap-in Rocker switches page NP-4, including lighted types. And Page NP-5  
Some Round, panel mount Push Button Switches, Page 135

several styles on this page.

AC/DC and some lighted Push Button Switches on Page 136 Some Heavy Duty Push Button Switches on page 137

Snap-action mini and sub-miniature switches. Several pages: 138, 139, 140, 141 142 and 143.

Dual Inline Switches (DIP) Page 143 Slide Switches, both miniature and standard sizes: Page 144 Rotary Switches and Push Button Canopy page 145 and 146 and 147. FOOT Switch, momentary or toggle switch to be activated by pushing with your foot. Page NP 5
AUTOMOTIVE Push button (see next square)     Page 147


And AUTOMOTIVE Push/Pull Switch. Page 147

12-14 Volt DC AUTOMOTIVE/Marine Toggle Switches in New Products catalog page 1 and page 2  and Heavy Duty types page 3
Automotive Push-Button (horn type) Switch see NP page 2 Automotive Push Button Starter type switch NP page 2 ‘Frig Switch (left) and Tamper Switch (Dead Man’s Switch) on New Products
2004 page 4 and page 152
PANIC (!) Switch. Surface mounting. Page 147 In-Line Cord Mounting Switches Page 148 Plug-in AC DIMMER Switch Old fashion DPDT Knife Switch
Mercury Tilt Switches and Non-mercury type page 149 and page 150 page 150 for KEY Switches Magnetic Reed (proximity) Switches on page 151 Roller Ball and Snap-In Tamper switch

(also see Dead mans switch on NP page 4)


Rotary Switches in a dozen configurations page 153


And PC Board mounting Tactile Switches same page  page 153


Potentiometers too, click the photo for a link to Philmore Pot page.. LINKS to other pages.

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Circuit Breakers can be seen on this page NP-1


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Philmore Manufacturing Company, Inc. div. of LKG Industries of Rockford, Illinois USA
Copyright © 2004 all rights reserved