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wpe2.jpg (2833 bytes) fine soldering
                                                        and solder removal products.

951sx.jpg (258521 bytes) Philmore is now stocking all of the most-in-demand EDSYN products, which are available via Philmore distributors everywhere. Distributors stocking these products are shown on the EDSYN Distributor page.

On the right is the dependable production-grade EDSYN model 951-SX temperatured controlled soldering station. User-controlled temperature range from 400° to 800°F. Designed to be safe when assembling circuits containing ESD sensitive components. Available with a variety of soldering tips. Operation on 110-125 VAC, 60 Hz. Supplied with the EDSYN LT375 tip. Tips are shown on the following page.
Order Philmore No. ED-951SX sugg. industrial price: $129.95.

Individual EDSYN Products shown below.
Distributors Please ask your Philmore sales representative abot the Philmore-EDSYN Connection program no. 51-9800

EDSYN SOLDAPULLT® Products. Setting Industry Standards for solder removal tools.
There is no doubt that EDSYN is famous for the invention and development of quality solder removal tools, sometimes called "solder suckers". Philmore is making the following products available to Philmore/Datak distributors in the U.S.

wpe2.jpg (3039 bytes)SILVERSTAT SOLDAPULLT ESD-Safe, conductive plating, this unit designed for heavy duty solder removal , professional and production usage. Tip and O-ring are replaceable.   Part no. …….. ED-AS196 display packaged.

Deluxe SOLDAPULLT this is the original design solder removal tool. For use in heavy-duty, high-volume applications and specifically professional and production usage. Tip and O-ring are replaceable. Part no.ED-DS017                                                                             display packaged.

Low-Static Deluxe SOLDAPULLT the original design but molded of conductive, static-dissipative materials. For professional and production usage. Tip and O-ring are replaceable. Part no. …….. ED-DS017LS displaypackaged.

LP200 SOLDAVAC SMD pick-up tool.  The LP200 SOLDAVAC Lifter is a fountain-pen size tool that can pick up small SMD components for moving and positioning them during either assembly or repair of circuit boards. Stops breakage that is common when using tweezers, contamination from fingers. Vacuum is formed with a simple squeeze and released just as easily. Three sizes of suction needle tips included. SOLDAVAC Pick-up tool, display packaged. No. ED-LP200

wpe6.jpg (2855 bytes)Model no. PT109 SOLDAPULLT III  A smaller, "petite" barrel and lighter weight for smaller hands. Weights 2.5 oz. (1/3 less than standard models).
Part no. …. ED-PT109 packaged for display.

wpe7.jpg (2958 bytes)Model no. US140 Universal SOLDAPULLT
The Universal SOLDAPULLT delivers a powerful vacuum pulse, cocks (or loads) one handed. The loading stroke is adjustable to reduce hand strain. Part no. ….. ED-US140 packaged for display.

wpe8.jpg (3209 bytes)
SOLDAPULLT Model no. US340

The above unit but molded of static conductive materials to bleed off static, prevent ESD when used by a person wearing a wrist strap or similar grounding device.
Part no. …. ED-US340 packaged for display.

wpe9.jpg (2910 bytes)The Challenger Standard Metric Low Static SOLDAPULLT EDSYN Model no. SS350
A high-quality, low cost solder remover molded of static disappative materials. Features an aluminum barrel for easy cleaning.Part noED-SS350 packaged for display.

wpeA.jpg (2785 bytes)Standard Metric EDSYN model SS750LS SOLDAPULLT
Another of the Challenger series of high quality, low cost units for desoldering basic electronics components. Suggested for the hobbyist and low volume users. Just 8.5" in length and weighs only 1 1/2 ounces. Part no. …. ED-SS750LS packaged for display.

wpeB.jpg (1567 bytes)
Replacement tip for SOLDAPULLT to your left:  Replacement tip for the DS017, PT109 and the US140.Replacement tip…..part no. ED-SRT12wpeC.jpg (1525 bytes)

        to your right: Conductive Replacement tip for SOLDAPULLT Replacement tip for the DS017LS, AS196 and the US340. Replacement tip…part no. ED-LS197


wpeD.jpg (2070 bytes)EDSYN O-Ring Lubricant OL111.

An occasional application of lube to the O-ring in solder removal tools will expand the life of the ring and maintain vigorous motion needed to "snap" the solder from PC boards. O-Ring lube in 0.5 gm tube……part no. ED-OL111

Please ask your distributor for a full line EDSYN catalog. He can obtain virtually any EDSYN part for you; and Keep it in stock for his regular customers.

Contact LKG industries via email at

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