New Products 2004

NEW items that were introduced at the May Electronics Distribution show in Las Vegas. Most items are planned to be on the shelf around the mid part of July 2004                            RCR

See them here on copies of the actual catalog pages in Adobe PDF files.

There are two pages of new "12-Volt" switches, switches for Automotive and Boat electrical systems.
Page one 12-volt switches.
Page two 12-volt switches.

Page three New high power switches.
Page four New general purpose switch additions.
Page five New Push-button and foot operated switches.

Printed circuit board switches popular styles:
Page 6 miniature toggles for PCB’s
Page 7 miniature toggles for PCB’s
Page 8 sub-miniature push-button switches for PCB’s.
Page 9 miniature slide switches for PCB’s, both for power and digital.

NEW MEDIASTAR Plus Audio and Video Cables and Adaptors
Page 10 primarily Audio Cables
Page 11 more Audio and various Video Cables, including DVD, PAL, Dubbing cables and more.

Page 12 NEW HDTV and VIDEO Cables

NEW to the Philmore line, XLR Cables and adaptors.
Page 13 XLR Cables, Adaptors
Page 14 XLR Cables, Adaptors
Page 15 XLR Adaptors to all manner of microphone connectors.
Page 16 More XLR Adaptors and Panel mount Jacks. VHS cables as well.

Page 17 VHS and Audio Adaptors of various kinds.
Page 18 many Audio Y-Adaptors
Page 19 more Audio Y-Adaptors
Page 20 more Audio adaptors and extension cables too.
Page 21 more Audio Cables
Page 22 Audio Cables, plugs to stripped ends PLUS the new Toslink Flipper Cable 

HOOK UP WIRE    There is nothing new about hook-up wire, except that we have never stocked it except in small, hobby type packages. Now we have UL style 1007/1569 in both stranded and solid copper on 25 foot and 100 foot spools. (No link available at this time; but see the Philmore new products supplement catalog for year 2004 and the listed pages below.)
Page 23 Stranded Hook-up wire.
Page 24 Solid Hook-up wire.

Resistors; 1/4 watt Carbon-film 5% tolerance resistors in packs of fifty with a user price of two bucks. All of the popular types and then some.
Page 24 Resistor Listing

Rubber Feet, Plastic Equipment feet, all of the popular styles to be used with chassis boxes, equipment cases and so on. See Metal (brass, nickel plated) on this same page.
Page 25 self-adhesive rubber feet, plastic feet and spacers.

Vernier Dial Controls for precise tuning, Forceps for electronics assemlies and more.
Page 26 Vernier  dials etc.

Anti-static Mat, counter size for use in production, under a sensitive computer or for prototype assembly. (The ideal work surface for the hobbyist electronics assembler and priced economically.)
Page 26

New style, enclosed battery holders for AA and AAA sizes as well as new styles for 9V transistor batteries
Page 27 Battery Holders and battery snaps.

World traveler AC power outlet adaptors. If you cannot find the adaptor that you need here, then you may be planning a trip to a country too far.
Page 28 AC Travel adaptors (also see the Philmore catalog for older types)

Thank you for visiting our New Products for 2004 web page. If you would like a copy of the New Products Supplement catalog, see your local distributor and ask for the Philmore New Products Supplement for 2004. Your local distributor can be found by locating your state on the Distributors Index Page. 

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